Xbox News Tonight: Sea Of Thieves Numbers Revealed! Xbox One Game Delayed: Xbox Game Closes Down



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20 Responses to Xbox News Tonight: Sea Of Thieves Numbers Revealed! Xbox One Game Delayed: Xbox Game Closes Down

  1. The Shirt Ghost

    Xbox only plays old games says ps4 players but will gladly buy remakes. Hmmmm very fishy πŸ€”

  2. Rhythmattica

    Still don't need an xbox to play it… MEGATON!

  3. Mike M

    Can you guys talk about Atari?

  4. ozzmark

    Thanks for actually putting the subject on the subject line.

  5. Neo TricksterZero

    Source 1: more PubG updates
    Source 2: Gigantic Servers shutting down July 31st
    Source 3: Rocket League's Xbox One X Support taking its time to launch.
    Source 4: Red Dead Redemption 2 launches October 26th.

    Where are those Sea Of Thieves numbers? None of these sources talk about Sea Of Thieves.

  6. Mr. SEA

    Except for massive multiplayers like Sea of Thieves, Rocket League, etc, I rather not have dedicated servers, for when popularity goes down, they shortly do as well. This is why I prefer system link capabilities such as Horde 2.0 on Gears 3 and even Halo 4 Multiplayer…I hope MS makes sure that system link support continues in the next Gears and Halo's. Nevertheless, nice to see a good base with Sea of Thieves, PUBG, etc.

  7. RoniRageTV


  8. Stldaiuki K

    apparently I'm a console peasent😞😞😒

  9. Jay MF

    The 2x halo is so horrible

  10. David Wilcox

    I think the reason for the single person boats being so popular is because more people are clamoring for solo content than maybe Microsoft thought. This is why single player modes such as story mode are so important.

  11. Xbox BestBox

    Yeah Xbox gamers are paying $10 for our games via gamepass that's going to last us years , PlayStation fans paying $65 for a game that's going to last them 3 days 😭😭😭 , You clowns also paying for online subscription but playing single player games . You clowns getting robbed 😭😭😭

  12. DavCube

    Wow, how long was that MOBA up? Two years, and barely even into the life of the X?

    And I thought the X was super-easy to develop for? Yet we have to wait almost a year for updates? Lordy loo, what's all that power worth if it takes so long to unlock it?

  13. pc Juggalo

    Hopefully sea of thieves comes to PS4 I can't stand xBox having the best looking games and the best exclusives.

  14. dnbtrooper

    I'm buying Sea of Thieves soon as it comes out beta was so much fun looked amazing

  15. Console Xbox Gamer

    But… but… but… Sony is #1.

    Yeah? They use to be the #1 electronics brand. How did that go again? Oh, right.. their competition just started to do things better and their divisions eventually couldn't keep up.

    Better pray they don't fall too far behind in the groundwork MS are laying for their own future. Poor Sony. 🀣

  16. xX1N5ertC01nXx

    This is gonna be HUGE!!!!!! MS killing it!.
    Yet all we hear from the salts who've had nothing for months is, look at our 6 hour remaster… PATHETIC!!!!

  17. ranat22



  18. Agirmetal

    Will Sea of Thieves come to android?

  19. console gaming

    Sea of thieves only hit 300k across 2 platforms? Damn game pass is killing sales

  20. Mike Wizzle

    Why does it say Xbox one game delayed isn’t red dead redemption a third party multi-plat

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