Why I don’t host my websites in the cloud

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In this video I refer to the cloud as the major cloud providers being Google, Amazon and Microsoft.

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20 Responses to Why I don’t host my websites in the cloud

  1. Liakat Hossain

    Cloud is not good at all for start up. I was put my application on aws and it was charging me almost over 60+ bucks a month however on calculation it shows its 15/20 bucks. Thing is that they charges for every actions on application. like dns service also paid where you can find every hosting provide this almost free. Anyway only switch to cloud once you start making decent amount of money using your application

  2. Autizmo

    You should look into BuyVM


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  5. Mitesh Gediya

    sir ,tell me for web hosting which is better , server or cloud server

  6. RugwiroM Valentin

    Why don't you try digitalocean. Pricing is simple as that.

  7. Dzintars Klavins

    I prefer to manage my own physical server and i can setup whatever i need. And in long term i have much more benefits than throwing away 240$ every year just for few GB space and some cores. Currently i have 64 GB RAM, 12 cores and SSD RAID 10 and 4TB of 10K Raptors. So… nobody of cloud solutions can beat this. If you run VM envirionment then scaling or restoring is not big deal at all. So… no benefits in Azure. In my opinion because of large scale cloud solution should be cheaper than self hosted envirionment. Friend of mine bought Mac Mini and running around 20 websites and mailserver much performant than some large hosting providers on dedicated VM. So… use your own server!

  8. Aizen Sama

    The title makes no sense based off the content of this video.

  9. Filip Oščádal

    you should use DigitalOcean, their pricing is simple

  10. Melvyn Drag

    Terrified to use AWS. You give them your credit card, even for free tier, and there are cryptic rules about hourly rates. Seems like they could do bad things to your bank account if they wanted.

  11. David Connelly

    Very good video. I've been searching the web for two days – trying to find out how much I could expect to pay for hosting an online shop on AWS, Google Cloud or Azure. No matter where I go, I CANNOT GET A STRAIGHT ANSWER.

    Now, I know that they've got this super complicated thing going on. I get that. But you'd think that somebody out there would be able to give you a rough idea of what the price might be for somebody starting out with a normal website.

    Again, I cannot get that info!

    This is the first video I've seen where somebody talks openly and frankly about the costs for hosting with one of the 'big three'. So, it's a thumbs up here. We need more videos like this.

  12. NoobSec
  13. woi cops

    how much will cost for hosting my android application on Amazon cloud /month?

  14. bissli82

    Thank you for a great video! as a starting entrepreneur I couldn't agree more with how complex billing is, for most cloud services. I'll definitely check out Linode.

  15. Siim Haas

    If you want a .net site why you would not go with .net core? You can run that on linux server.

  16. Tim Huffam
  17. Max Ong

    How about Heroku then?

  18. trango89

    I can't consciously recommend shared hosting when you can get a VPS for $5/m on DigitalOcean if you're looking at that price range and get the whole range of benefits a VPS provides. you can get $10 in credit on DigitalOcean here: http://www.digitalocean.com/?refcode=f35be46425f9

    DigitalOcean have a wealth of information and user submitted posts that walk you step-by-step into getting up and running.
    Alternatively, EasyEngine helps you setup and install your website in just 2 commands.

    The bottom line is that you should be using a VPS, DO's cheapest plan is $5/month and with EasyEngine you will be up and running within the hour. Additionally, site speed is a definite ranking factor in Google and as a new site, you want all the advantage you can get. 40% of people abandon a site if it takes more than 3 seconds to load.

    You should avoid Bluehost, HostGator, Dreamhost

  19. Arjun Chandran

    I use DigitalOcean and I love it. it's just as low as 5$ a month

  20. Blake Bein

    when linode bans you for scripting

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