White Diamond Theories Confirmed By Rebecca Sugar! New Interview BREAKDOWN

When it comes to White Diamond there’s TONS of theories and speculation out there and the elusive Gem matriarch! Recently in an interview with The Wrap, Rebecca Sugar spoke up her surprise to find some of these theories to be true! Further elaboration in the interview gives us a clearer idea of which ones! Let’s dive in on Crystal Clear!

INTERVIEW: https://www.thewrap.com/steven-universe-showrunner-rebecca-sugar-fans-on-point-about-white-diamond/

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20 Responses to White Diamond Theories Confirmed By Rebecca Sugar! New Interview BREAKDOWN

  1. The Roundtable
  2. SuperCraftGirl10

    Ok I have a theory, and it's gonna follow the rules of the theory that white pearl was PD's original pearl.

    So my theory is that pink accidentally broke her pearl and went to white diamond to fix her (either because PD and WP had a good relationship or because WD was the only one who could fix WP) white diamond said she will see if she could do anything and in the meanwhile they trade pearls. During this time is when PD does the "shadering" thing and since no one else knew about the PD pearl situation, they blammed her pearl for pink diamonds shaddering. Since WD couldn't give the pearl back she never bothered to fix her but ended up using that pearl for her own.

    Sorry if it's a bit confusing it's a thought I had and hope it gets heard

  3. Trevor Sangiorgio

    What if white pearl, pink diamond during one of the flash back episode or another gem from home world sings the song escapism I think pink diamond sings it

  4. CJ 'Miner Tommy'

    “Sneeple are puppeting the government at the highest level”

    Just a thought about White 🤠🤧

  5. Shabaal

    I still think Pink is evil, also, she's the "little girl" from the trailer.

  6. Jose Briceno-Ortega

    Will jasper ever come back in the movie and if so what will she do

  7. The Spot Light Disco Ball Channel

    Is she a villain

  8. Nerdygirlpants 。

    He sounds just like Slice of Otaku. Just the cadence of his speech.

  9. Cźar Mephisto Ascension

    i just stated this on your last video. i think white contorls the mind as blue is emotion, yellow physical and im guessing pink would be soul.

  10. Fandom guy

    3:26 Hmm? Pink Diamond lacking empathy? I don't think so.

  11. _DriftingDreams_

    Who paints White's toes? Her pearl? That must take a lot of polish and a very large brush

  12. Insane Ennard

    It would be interesting if Blue and Yellow Diamond fought with Steven against White Diamond

  13. Green Emerald

    Bro u came so far I’m glad to see your success

  14. yo_ boi_al

    [Please Hear Me Out]
    What if blue, yellow, and pink were a part of white diamond like feelings
    sadness (blue) anger (yellow) and joy/love (pink)
    So yeah, white does lack feelings because she sacrificed them to make the other diamonds

  15. Christina Sanchez

    Still think pink had a bad reason to kill almost everyone than runs away for everyone else to clean up her mess

  16. dominick stracqualrsi

    My theory is the diamonds have a past that not even pink knows about before she was existed there another diamond in her place a diamond as you say was very emotional and open with his feelings i should say yes im talking about black diamond who not a fusion but his own gem basicly black diamond was open with his feelings too but where pink went good he went bad and didnt gem humans life in general so he tried to distory everything the diamonds yellow and blue stopped him but white know dispite that fact that hes evil when that fused like yin and yang created an ultimate unmatched so bubbled him and locked him away in this before hand i believe that cross fusion was aloud to everyone but after this the only one white wanted to fuse with was locked up she couldn't bear to see cross fustion she made it very clear what will happen if you do note her pearl blue and yellow knew that couldnt be only three diamonds so they made a replacement pink she was made the exact same way that black was made but gem placement was differant that made caused her to become good idk my theory is that black diamond with return and try to fuse with white and shatter pink/steven or vise versa exsept not shattering white could you look in to this

  17. Duke Magazine

    'robotic pearl'…they're ALL robots. And they're ALL slaves. What gems are there that aren't just following orders?

  18. Vero Gonrre

    Did anyone else notice Star vs the forces of evil and O.K K.O in the background?

  19. Racheal Danielle Gorbea

    White Diamond gave me serious Joan Crawford Mommy Dearest vibes.

  20. The Anal Atheist

    I bet White steps on gems to shatter them, and if that’s true, then I want to be shattered too. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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