Which Struggling Teams Can Still Make a Late Playoff Push? | Move The Sticks | NFL Network

Move the Sticks podcast hosts break down which teams can still make a late playoff push for the 2018 season.

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20 Responses to Which Struggling Teams Can Still Make a Late Playoff Push? | Move The Sticks | NFL Network

  1. NFL Network

    Which struggling team will make a playoff push?

  2. Myles Matthews

    Remember when all you guys had the eagles goin 14-2 and 13-3 and saying they gon win the east what they doin now #cowboys nation

  3. rajveer kaur

    Dolphins, Titans, Browns, Bucs, Jets Late playoff pushers
    Bengals, Lions, Cowboys,Packers, Texans Fall off

  4. Tom Brady Shady #CheatSquad#KissMeLikeMySon#WOAT

    CowgirLs are trash and jaguars are overrated

  5. Victor Herman

    The Dallas Cowboys will win the NFC East

  6. RealRisky

    All these guys ever talk about are the cowboys and eagles

  7. Osiris197

    Did these guys forget the Redskins exist or something?

  8. Darious Costley


  9. Slot Skins

    Week 10 is the Marquee game with Dallas Cowboys VS Philadelphia Eagles

  10. Slot Skins

    Week 10 is The Marquee game with Cincinnati Bengals VS New Orleans Saints

  11. Ismael De La Rosa

    How bout Detroit

  12. Daniel Cowan

    I wanna say Falcons but maybe not because of injuries but the offense can stll be able to make there way to the playoffs

  13. Wathnak O

    Always put Cowboys behind the Seahawks, they ain't go anywhere if Seahawks not a playoffs team

  14. Fernando Taylor

    How bout them DOLPHINS!

  15. Christopher Moore

    Rams14-2 Panthers10-6
    Vikings11-4-1 Packers 9-7

    Chiefs 13-3 Chargers 11-5
    Steelers 10-5-1 Ravens 10-6

  16. Christopher Moore

    Wanna say the broncos can do it in the afc they have been in most games they have played this year. They have faced very good teams. Afc south is wide open any team from the division could win it

  17. Running Coyote

    If they make the playoffs there one and done.

  18. MuchxMore

    If Broncos can win this game at the Chiefs that will be a huge statement

  19. Elijah Ward


  20. Telvin Kipapa

    The Raiders lol

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