What is Node.js Exactly? – a beginners introduction to Nodejs

What exactly is node.js? Is it a command-line tool, a language, the same thing as Ruby on Rails, a cure for cancer?

If you’re new to web development, it can be a bit confusing as to what exactly node.js is and to what you should do with it, and there’s a lot of information out there…most of which seems to be tailored towards genius-level developers.

So, here’s a node.js introduction for those who have no idea what it is.

We’re going to cover the difference between javascript in a browser vs javascript in node.js and the common uses for node.js.

To wrap it up, we’re going to spin up a quick web server in node.js just to show you how easy it is.

Now, learn how to build an Express.js App!

20 Responses to What is Node.js Exactly? – a beginners introduction to Nodejs

  1. Anudeep G.I

    the best explanation on the web

  2. Safir Monroe

    Node.Js is the future of backend development. Its ability to not only be easy to easy for front end developers to pick up makes it very powerful. Reading articles on websites like http://www.thefuturedeveloper.com makes it easy for developer to attain these new skills.

  3. Gaurav Singh

    Awesome, its good for someone who knows back-end but not node.js.

  4. Vũ Lê Trần Anh

    Great node tutorials

  5. realwizardry

    You people who come onto here without knowing basic JavaScript are idiots.

  6. FM

    Superb Explaination…

  7. Gavin Dmello

    Thank you! That was a good introduction.

  8. Dushyanth Kandiah

    I think maths subject is better

  9. IslandRai

    Quick and simple Intro! Thumbs Up.

  10. Meverynoob

    Any beginner who doesn't know basic code syntax should probably not hang around node js yet lmao just stick to learning how to code first rather than click around and get mindblown. Node js is sth to learn as one of the endgoals: to begin doing webapps and projects.
    On that note, thanks for the video! I think you missed out mentioning what 'exports' is by default (a JSON). That realisation for me made things a lot clearer. Nonetheless, good video!

  11. z69ubi

    When you console.log(_) u blew my mind… thank u for the 💎

  12. TechnoGamingIndia

    This isn't for beginners

  13. Victory Chang

    Great overview. Thanks!

  14. Amici Nybråten

    Beautiful succinct introduction.

  15. Rosmianto Aji Saputro

    Clear, concise, great!

  16. Gianluca Recchia

    Great video and awesome explanation. Thanks! 🙂

  17. Don Nguyen

    Very good introductory video. Thanks!

  18. Kennedy Kinyanjui

    Great intro.

  19. shiva R

    No other resource can be easier than this for a beginner…..Thank you so much.

  20. Steve W

    This might be a introduction to Node.js for people who are already at least intermediate level web developers and/or programmers, but it presumes quite a bit of knowledge in a number of areas of expertise to be called a "beginner's introduction."

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