Westworld S2 Episode 9 trailer breakdown

What will happen in Westworld season 2 episode 9? What can we learn from the preview trailer?

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This video may contain spoilers if you aren’t up to speed with Westworld.

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20 Responses to Westworld S2 Episode 9 trailer breakdown

  1. En Sabah Nur

    How can William be a robot? When the rescue guys came to rescue him , they scanned him, and it said clear. Zo definitely human !?

  2. Алекс Алекс
  3. nomiarfree
  4. KT Mannino

    Random Tin Foil Theory: It was actually his daughter who killed herself. Why I think this: HBO wanted to keep the person’s identity a secret until a big revel, and William has been wrong in some of his memory. (Fidelity test).

  5. Robin Lee

    I don't think William is a host for the simple reason… he ages as mortal beings are apt to do. The Delos host hybrid didn't look like Delos as a younger man but how he appeared closer to when he died as an older man.

  6. Pete W.

    Sela Ward is immortal! #TEN

  7. TeCoEd

    Great video, thanks for sharing.

    A few ideas:
    1) I wonder if there are 'offline hosts' in the real world awaiting activation. The host in the park experiences life and suffering so becomes 'aware'. This host, or should I say the code makes its way to the 'door' in order to leave the park and be downloaded into a host in the real world. So the bodies in the lake, (Ep1) are empty host, their code / soul has left via the doorway. This is why Delos are willing to sacrifice so many lives because they have 10'0000 host / customers waiting in the real world for their code. Abernathy has all the data too, he is the fail safe.
    2) MIB is a host from the real world, going into the park, he thinks he is human.
    3) All of season 2 is just an elaborate smoke screen to hide the fact that FORD's code is trying to escape the park. Ready to enter a prepared host body in the real world. (Maybe as a world leader = Future World)
    4) Stubbs will have some amazing dialogue with one of the key characters.
    5) Or, the whole season will go Inception style and we have been watching a simulation within the Cradle,

  8. Holly Mainland

    could teddy be a young version of ford? perhaps we have seen ford in child and elderly form..

  9. Chris Z.

    I do believe you are pretty much right on good Sir!! Well done!!

  10. History Eraser Button

    Vanishing Point also was a film in 1971 about a not so good guy being turned into a martyr for freedom while on the run from police……

  11. Dizzy Dee

    Anybody sensing William has secretly been trying to resurrect his wife as a hybrid host?

  12. Dizzy Dee

    The conversation with Ford and MIB seemingly in the real world could be in the past, or it could be in the Valley, a human back up world like the cradle.

  13. person

    i keep looking at two shots in the trailer and haven't seen anyone else point them out. you know they don't put in this imagery for no reason — everything they show has significance. the first one that sticks with me is the early shot of some kind of dripping silver ball… is it a bathtub drain plug chain? and the second one is at 0:49 — why does the music-box ballerina have blood on her hands?

    edit: i did a little research and this type of music box is called a REUGE — swiss made. the company is still around but the one in the trailer looks like it's from the 60s. i have found lots of pictures of identical antique music boxes and none of them have their hands painted red… here is a video of the identical one from the trailer: https://youtu.be/Dd6KrsnCx2c

    not that i think it's meaningful, i just doubt it's an accident… i find it interesting…

  14. Putins Cat

    Bill's wife probably caught him with naked Dolores in his study. That was weird.

  15. Gordon Richardson

    MIB is a robot from the first fallout. The Older version of MIB aka Old Bill we already met in season 1 chatting it up with Ford in the basement. William was one of the first built and his success inside Westworld lead to his next maze which is to spiral out into "current day/future world" and infiltrate Delos by studying, improvising and cunning Delos daughter. William/MIB is like Bernard, he does not know he is a droid. William/MIB was a drone for Ford to study Delos in order to influence Delos into investing in Westworld and then consolidating power to eventually own Westworld outright. William as we meet him in season 1 is spiraling back into Westworld making it his 3 maze. 1 st was the success of the events pre westworld. 2 was spiraling out into "current day/future world" and climbing up the ranks of Delos. 3rd is intro Season 1 and coming back into Westworld and convincing Delos to invest in west world.

    MIB/William meets his daughter and their is a glitch when referencing how his daughter feared the elephants but she reminded him it was his wife. That his wife feared the elephants bc she knew to be fearful of the things in westworld. We are lead to believe that the daughter is wrong because she is a fresh character and we have a longer relationship with MIB. Miss direction.

    CLUE: MIB/William glitched NOT the daughter. We know that William felt as though his wife killed herself bc of him. I think the wife found out the truth about William and realize nobody around her including her daughter was human and that her father and brother (only real men she was close with) were dead a/o replaced. That her life was a lie…everything was a lie and MIB/William was a droid (a lie). This is the moment that MIB/William decides to end the James Delos program. He likely had a discussion with his wife about him not being alive. His feelings are not real. Not natural. Thus why MIB/William tells us about him rushing back into westworld as MIB looking to kill Maeve (on prairie) with daughter to see if he had remorse. He stabs her and admits nothing, however it was Maeve's desperation to protect her daughter after she was stabbed and the emotions behind her eyes sent ripples of emotions through MIB. He admitted a miracle had happen. Something he has never seen before…

    regarding Williams/MIB wife having been to Westworld many times and rode plenty of men Logan implies when William first arrive with Logan. Something happen. We know that she had been their several times before William arrived with Logan. Plenty of times so that Ford had tons of DNA and intel on her. You also have MIB daughter telling her father how she realize she was old enough to go to the "pleasure palaces". Which tells the audience that Delos daughter (cant remember name) has been to west world many times before Logan and William arrive together. And also that Williams daughter has been their as a young child, so young she couldn't enjoy th pleasure palaces. We know that she witness her mother fear of the elephants. Again they had been their as a family.

    In the end i think they are ALL droids with their own stories believing they are real and the others are not. Layers over layers of layers all part of trying to reach consciousness. I think in the end of season 3 they will reveal either they are on the moon or on earth. Either way notice how they are in "current world/future world" that there isn't any stars in the sky at night. No stars in the sky at all. Future world could be completely underground somewhere.

    Season 3 will connect William/MIB/Old Bill

  16. mjcohnmd

    I think we may discover that man in black in the park is and has been a host with real William somehow partly alive in the cradle of the valley beyond and somehow virtually experiencing the man in black.

    Also, I wonder if it’s a red herring but the resemblance of Charlene and young Charlie is hard to ignore as well as the juxtaposition of a scene of Bernard holding his supposed backstory picture just after a scene with Hale. Maybe Arnold’s child was in reality a girl? If so, what is she really after beyond industrial espionage…?

    Final question: Upon whom is Dolores based? Just a random femme fatale? Or someone of significance to Arnold or Ford…?

  17. Beastly 27

    That moment when xmen parallels westworld Maeve as professor x
    and Dolores as magneto

  18. David James

    @In Deep Geek – Important point. The MIB's wife only died very recently – which means it is not that he was coming to the park for many years since her death. He tells Teddy this when he is old and on a recent journey to find out some truth about himself.. "last year my wife killed herself…. "". The test he sets up to discover if he can feel anything at all. This also means that the daughter coming back to the park is only recently after the funeral, where she pushes him away.

  19. Mark Smith

    I think you sound so much like Will from the Inbetweeners. You probably get that a lot, but keep up the good work bro!

  20. Shaney Bhoy

    Does it look like Ford is standing over Maeve?

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