Webinar: Zenoss 5: Unified Monitoring & Service Analytics Without Limits

Despite the rapid evolution and decentralization of modern IT Infrastructures, monitoring solutions and strategies have simply not kept pace – until now.

Zenoss 5 leverages a service-oriented architecture along with state-of-the-art technologies including Docker and Apache HBase within Big Data Hadoop to deliver high-fidelity monitoring at scale and the unified, service-centric view of application infrastructure required to avoid service disruptions and respond quickly to business demands.

Please join us on March 19th to learn how this next-generation platform enables a more simplified, agile, unified monitoring approach that offers the scalability, flexibility, efficiency, and intelligence required by today’s most demanding global enterprises.

In this highly-informative session, we’ll reveal Zenoss 5’s most exciting new technologies, capabilities, and features, including:

What it all means for your SLA’s, MTTR, Capacity Management, and Analytics
Maximum Infrastructure Utilization: Resource pools and capacity-aware job scheduling dynamically allocate resources automatically
Intelligent Analytics: Mash up event, performance, and configuration data to easily gain and share insights
Proactive Policy Management: Events can drive automated monitoring policies to reduce costs and minimize outages through better root cause data and proactive detection
Health Status: Architected to ensure visibility into the health and status of critical IT operations in the cloud with automatic recovery services
And More!

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