Twitch Streamers Had Discord Channels Dedicated To Following Their Every Move…

Twitch streamers DisguisedToast and xChocobars discovered fan-run Discord channels that followed theire every move and even tracked their family members. The two streamers gave the the people who setup these discords the opportunity to apologize, but they didn’t. Now they are getting law enforcement involved. Subscribe To ReviewTechUSA for more great content!

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20 Responses to Twitch Streamers Had Discord Channels Dedicated To Following Their Every Move…

  1. ReviewTechUSA

    Yes. I now know his name is "disguised" toast. I read his name multiple times as disgusted. My apologies…

  2. Your friendly neighborhood Shitposter

    Its like the fat boomer never heard of the internet before and all of this is new to him..

  3. acid847

    That d2 gameplay tho… good thing they tried attacking you one at a time in a row.

  4. Starr_Shine

    How do you stalk an eCelebrity? These people link a dozen different social media platforms together and beg you to follow them. They then tweet out every meal they eat, everything they bought, every song they listened to, they're relationship status, take selfies in every outfit they own, and alert you to their every mood and every medical problem. So my question is: what is left to stalk? How can a stalker become any more voyeuristic? If a stalker followed you around taking pictures of you on a date, how would that differ from all the selfies you took on that date that you tweeted? I really thought the internet would have made stalking obsolete.

  5. JimmyLang

    I bet he was Disgusted when he found out

    Please tell me DeathBlock had nothing to do with this

  6. pacsmile

    People are so fucking creepy.

  7. Nicklas VEVA

    If they are so big fans, why don't they apologize when the streamers want them to? Either you are a fan or you're a stalker.

  8. Doctor Games101

    And that my friends is why I do not put personal information on the internet, like my family photos, etc. It can be used against you. Only pictures of me I put myself on the net. The internet is the wild west. Good video, Rich.

  9. Brien

    The fabulous gaming community everyone.

  10. Balta Bueno

    I hate the "well, that's another state" argument. Aren't we supposed to be a country? United States lol

  11. DamageIncM

    Not at their doorstep metaphorically… LITERALLY

  12. Brandon x22

    What do you expect the cops to fucking do when the harassers are in a completely different country? The cops response was logical but we cant expect logic from you, ever!

  13. Brandon x22

    My god you are so moronic

  14. AA12 Fordays

    Yay gameplay commentary!

  15. Cam Redding

    everyone has already said it but

    Disgusted toast =]

  16. dangerousbrian0

    yet if it was a senator or a member of your government having this happening to it would get sorted out immediately by the FBI with the help of both states of police & they would get sent to prison.I know that someone is going to probably point out there is a difference in a member of the senate & government compared to the normal population but stature in job description should make no difference at all we pay our taxes to be kept safe from all sorts of harassment whether it be physical,mental or cyber.

  17. Tony James Gilpin

    So… How many people will be joining Ralph's ReviewRichieUSA discord stream, today? There's going to be free cucumbers and coffee! 😀

  18. Rayco dv

    Let’s do SOMETHING… dude… come up with a damn idea..! Present something to us. You keep naming – valid – problems, but not trying to think of solutions. Words are great, but actions are what matter…

    One solution would be an international bureau, or maybe a new NATO-branch. Or if you’re talking US. A federal law against internet misuse would be great. But that does mean more government. So then the usa needs to accept that first…

  19. Max Factor

    This is a serious matter but the disgusted toast was just amazing.

  20. nictimus

    Disguised Toast is disgusted by how you pronounced his name

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