Tudor Black Bay Chronograph Review – Their Most Confusing Watch Or A Genius Daytona Inspired Diver?

Today I review one of the most controversial Tudor watches to be released in the last few years.

The award winning Tudor Black Bay Chronograph M79350-0001 was met with much adoration and equal criticism upon its release at Baselworld 2017, but why? The reason is that it essentially tries to bridge the gap between the dive watch genre and a racing chronograph, which are two types of watch the younger brother of Rolex and more rebellious brand Tudor has a long and illustrious history with.

Is the final product suffering from an identity crisis or is it a seamless, happy marriage? Will its new Breiling in-house caliber movement and luxury quality be able to make or break this watch? Today, I aim to find out what exactly the fuss is all about.

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20 Responses to Tudor Black Bay Chronograph Review – Their Most Confusing Watch Or A Genius Daytona Inspired Diver?

  1. JRhoney

    Several thousand dollar watch next to a $18 set of calipers. What a juxtaposition in qualities!

  2. redmurder13

    Speaking of tall watches, how tall would a watch be in order for it not to fit under a cuff?

  3. Owen Treadgold

    Another incredible introduction, it was a wonderful surprise when I clicked on the video.

  4. lecorsaire

    These don’t do anything for me. Now the Prince Dates on the other hand! Those are basically panda dial Daytonas except for the 12 9 6 layout as well as the date due to the 7750. I think they came with Rolex crowns as well. Still a real bargain on the market.

  5. BlackorOrange

    Hi TGV. Great, informative review as always. I’m only a recent viewer/subscriber, yet I’m now totally addicted!
    I turn 50 next year and am deciding on my first mechanical timepiece. This is on my list now! I adore this watch’s “anti-purists” attitude! As I’m an avid anti-purist in anything!
    Currently on the hunt for an SNK809 to start my collection. (I’m assuming my current and only watch can’t really be called a “collection”!)

    All the best TGV, keep up the amazing work 👍🏽

  6. Watch The Hands

    Great review and the super cool Prodigy's intro 😉

  7. Nicholas Joseph

    It's a shame that Tudor which was created as a cheaper version of Rolex by Hans Wilsdorf, is now as expensive as Rolex.

  8. Peter Picallo

    Sold my Tudor Sub years ago.

  9. Harry Flashman

    I can not see why the Chrono is an issue. Rather than seeing the Blackbay as a diver range, see the name Blackbay as referring to a range of different of watches sharing a common DNA just like Oyster Perpetual or Seamaster.

  10. Ron Steed

    For me when they start talking about diver/chrono hybrids I think of Invicta and start walking away. Kind of like "Chinese American Restaurants" … do one or the other and things work out better. As always a great video and intro and I get where you are coming from but that watch is a skip for me. Keep'em coming, your videos are always a great pick me up!

  11. MrAlphonsomango

    A mess of a watch, really, lacking the class that comes with knowing what it is. But yet it still has pedigree. Confusing/ed and daft – like David Beckham. Moody, macho look overcooked with an amalgamation of features (ridiculous tattoos); a serious image portrayed but dumb application; a brand captain in its field but undermined by a squeaky voice/attempting to be something its not ie a follower of fashion rather than authentic.

  12. Jason Adrian

    What's the Breitling at 14:55?


    Fake rivets?? Great watch, a bit heavy but really, fake rivets?

  14. Might One

    what do you think about "VINCERO"?

  15. Never_nerve

    What do you think about Original Grain??

  16. AjaxForever

    I love the Tudor Black Bay Chronograph very much.
    To be honest, it is on my list for a black chronograph i so much wish.

  17. Ram Skirata

    i would be great if you could give us new subscribers a chance to download your desktop wallpaper pack 🙂

  18. Bushfriend27

    Hi Tristano what is your opinion on the radio captian cook 45mm?

  19. Leong Oh

    I think it should have been issued with a rotating dive bezel. Bezel should have followed the existing black bay colour schemes (blue, red, black). Would be nice if the Tudor heritage chronographs were updated with the B01 movement actually. Definitely more interesting designs imo than the current BB chrono.

  20. Awais Ali

    Montblanc 4810 Chronograph automatic review?

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