The Big Fat Quiz Of Everything 2017

feat. Noel Fielding

20 Responses to The Big Fat Quiz Of Everything 2017

  1. KickAss Dude

    "Who's that? All the Bee Gees?" BAHHHHHAAAHAHAHAH!

  2. ghouljoe x

    That privilege joke was cringe

  3. Ellegirl

    That is called a cubit, that's the size of your four arm.

  4. Ellegirl

    I love Noel, he's like not just no but HellNo!

  5. Drof Sfv

    i wish i knew what a waytrows was but its still funny

  6. oupsie
  7. oupsie

    noel looks like a stylish wizard

  8. MrCorvusC

    Jimmy making jokes about his own tax evasion court…That is just pure class 🙂

  9. Sarah

    45:14 Great, now I'm dead.

  10. Soren Temple

    I can't be the only one disappointed Richard and Noel didn't write 0118 999 881 999 119 7253 for the 999 question.

  11. Tony 1

    Richard Ayoade,brilliant.

  12. Igor Miecznikowski

    That Jimmy's fake laughter is killing all the joy.

  13. NegraMonroe

    1:08:10 I've almost never heard Richard laugh out loud genuinely. Only Noel makes him laugh like that.

  14. old gregg

    I want Noel and Richard on the same team again and again

  15. Alicia

    First of all, Richard holding a puppy, and CAFE VAPE. I love that Richard literally says, "Cuz I think often we can be overly self-deprecating and hesitant…" I love him so much, especially with Noel.

  16. turdl38

    i love how puppy gets passed around.

  17. Raeris

    Don't let the beat control your feet.

    Under any circumstances.

  18. Wil Garrett

    What the hell..Noel's answer card is out there. Working with him on group projects probably made some really weird things.

  19. Holden Caulfield

    Wow, Noel and Richard's were actually a hell of a lot better. "Pipe down/Don't exhaust yourself."

  20. Ivan Mattos

    How is the crowd so good at collectively ceasing laugher immediately?

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