Tastosis, iNcontroL, & Day[9] host Day 1 of the Twitch StarCraft Holiday Bash

A StarCraft Remastered 1v1 8-player invitational with a $6,000 prize pool cast in a laid back and fun style.

20 Responses to Tastosis, iNcontroL, & Day[9] host Day 1 of the Twitch StarCraft Holiday Bash

  1. daniel alfieri

    Just watched this today and LOVED IT !!! Hope to catch the next show live ???!!! FYI. You guys keep me watching Starcraft πŸ˜»πŸ’©πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ––πŸ½πŸ‘

  2. lglowen

    Man I wish we got more of these tournaments…. πŸ™

  3. brandon ridgely

    "Dan plays Starcraft like the most tired boa constrictor" lmfao

  4. Cubby Jensen

    artosis.. you take way too long to push your opponents for example game 2 vs sheath you took sooooooo long to kill 3rd exp those minutes are giving him so much time to mass up…i was yelling for you to go up ramp and kill the god damn base man…. UGHHHHHHHHHHH KILL IT FUCKING KILL IT DUDE RAGE!!!

  5. Cubby Jensen

    nony.. 2k mineral really dude… throw more gateways man zZz…

  6. Cubby Jensen

    what the fuck….. was that a fucking ZIMA?????? I CANT BELIEVE THE IRAQI RUSSIAN dude sitting next to day9 was drinking a damn ZIMA!! also that KawaiiRice kid is noob

  7. Breelik

    this needs to happen again.

  8. Spenfen

    1:06:31 you can tell Sean and Nick are brothers by the way they say "oh my god" at the exact same moment after laughing

  9. Dan Kimmitt

    1:38:40 πŸ’€πŸ’€πŸ’€

  10. mas111

    The guys that brought me into starcraft<3

  11. Hugo Sanchez

    Please make sc2 great again day(9)

  12. MissingnoXpert
  13. Christian Lortie-Cloutier

    tasteless if the funniest guy

  14. Hammock

    7:07:55 Geoff "Hah!" heard in the background.


    I know it's a gaming stream but am I the only one who thinks it's weird they're wearing headsets while sitting on a comfy couch?

  16. Ulysses Doroja

    There's nothing better than watching four thirty year olds sitting on the couch talking about StarCraft.

  17. VolleyballLove

    Will there be more like this soon? <3

  18. Origami Bulldoser

    White-Ra is all business. More gg!

  19. Spencer Kunz

    @8:13:00 I lived in New Orleans for two years, and can definitely verify that there's a huge Protoss population there. Most of them seek work in office jobs and interact very little with the local population. Little known fact, if you call for any type of help-desk/customer support in Louisiana, 9/10 times, it'll be a protoss on the other end of the line. All the locals kinda take them for granted like it's normal to have psychic, horse legged aliens walking around since they've never been anywhere but New Orleans, and the tourists are always to fucked up to remember, so word hasn't really gotten out about it. I was actually really surprised when Day9 brought it up.

  20. DrRyan

    Oh you did counter :]

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