Soft IPTV Review – 6,600+ Premium IPTV channels – New IPTV Service 2018

Check out Soft IPTV service.
They have over 6,600 channels on their IPTV Service.
Great option if you are searching for a premium IPTV service for a great cost.

24 hour Trials available

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12 Responses to Soft IPTV Review – 6,600+ Premium IPTV channels – New IPTV Service 2018

  1. Mr A Team 604

    Got the trial but where's the pornos at

  2. Nassim Amini
  3. jahalien

    yeah they got tons of channels compared to others but how is the buffer ? hopefully more low bandwith for some users….Ive been seaching for ages… i am on exclusion for a trial but there epg is USA only no movies 🙁 $10 too

  4. michael garren

    I will keep my Gears thanks though

  5. butch rudd

    Right on TY

  6. Supermonkey 1964

    I didn't see any UK Channels? 🙂

  7. AaronWillis GamerDoom

    This was good.👍


    14 Dollars a month? How will i Eat

  9. Jose Martinez

    Watching free trial right now looks great and no buffering so far,except i am from Puerto Rico and a very popular channels
    Wapa TV or Wapa America are not on the list in the Latin section if they did i will order right now, if they put these channels in
    they will have a lot of spanish or latin people ordering this service.


    I am an admin for I Spoke with the the co-owner . he wants to give you a 2 week trial to review his product . You can PM him, his name is "Joe" just search nvision group on facebook. thanks.

  11. Gavin Gardiner

    Can you try glitch tv mate

  12. Clifford Gallagher

    New subscriber, Thanks for sharing the information!

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