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The Ruger SR-22 is a wonderful choice if you are looking for your kid’s first handgun on paper. It fits just about any criteria that you might have set out for a first semi-auto pistol be it for yourself or your kids. At first glance it might be easy to look over things like the inverted safety that might seem counter intuitive to someone whos has been shooting for some time but once you think about the safety, it is easy to see that it was designed to be an ideal choice for a brand new shooter.

In this episode of TFBTV, Patrick spends some time on the range with the Ruger SR-22. While it might not be at the top of your list when shopping for a .22 pistol, it may be one that you should be considering.

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20 Responses to Ruger SR-22 | The Perfect First Suppressor Host

  1. Mel Low

    Gun finatics srop talkin about polotics

  2. Strüdle

    Why did this guy look like he was on the verge of death in the video?

  3. Progressive Gun Owner

    That was not a well done review. Next time just shoot and don't talk.

  4. Blabla Moodhoo

    Damn, man!
    Didn't get your treat that morning???!? 😜
    Talk about not giving two F's doing the review thoroughly (adjust the goddamn sights to your liking, do your research about the product beforehand, stop holding the gun like shit with your dominant hand, etc., etc.).
    You really are a good reporter but, dude, you really dropped it that day!
    Love you, peace!😉

  5. Felix Thecat

    I bet your mags don't last you very long. What are you in a Rambo movie? or under fire in Bagdad? Quit dropping your mags on the ground stupid.

  6. cmichael2005

    My son shoot it pretty good, take a look at my video.

  7. chzzyg269

    The safety features on the SR-22 are annoying. I had to sell mine because it didn't want to shoot the way I like to shoot.

  8. Tom Hunt

    2:15 the hoop made from the tap on the slide.

  9. Affordable Armory

    Okay, sold. I've been debating between this gun and the Walther P22 (very similar gun) for a while now. After watching this video, I'm going with the Ruger.

  10. Bubba Fetz

    Sounds like an airsoft gun

  11. Gainey Gainey

    I'm guessing that a double stacked magazine wouldn't work for .22, because of size or shape. Now that I think about it even the m and p 1522 mags are barely double stacked.

  12. StripperTipper-405

    I prefer the Walther or just grab the threaded Mark X.

    I'm also conflicted about giving a kid a pistol. To each his own though. The kids in my family are purely on rifles until their teen years. I do have one niece who I'd trust with more responsibility but that's it.

  13. Jerry K

    Good video. I've owned an SR22 for many years and have put thousands of rounds through it. My wife shoots it now and I'm thinking of buying a new one for her as the rifling is pretty worn on mine. Thanks for the update.

  14. mnpyton

    850 rounds thru mines without a hickup and still going without a cleaning. Darn good for dirty

  15. Lilnasty 2988

    I own this gun and I can see your back sight is way to high dude!!! Drop it down a lot!!!! This is the best 22 DA/SA on the market! Nothing comes close! If your a so called gun guy how can you not set your sights to the distance your shooting??????????????? They are adjustable for Christ sake!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😂 your. Blaming Ruger!!!!! 😂

  16. Dietzeeeee

    on the very first shot in this video the hammer fell back down on to double action after the first shot???

  17. Josh Patterson

    "A little small in the hands but still fun" that's what my girlfriend tells me

  18. Ammo Man

    Sounds and acts like he's drunk in this video.

  19. Ethan Smith

    I've had the sr22 since 2013 i havent had any mal functions at all

  20. AcetheGamer

    It's Lightweight , Low-Recoil , reliable and 10 round pistol .

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