Ripple (XRP) STILL Replacing Bitcoin? 2019 | Pros vs. Cons | Vol. 2

Thanks for watching! Ripple will always be one of the most speculative cryptos in the space. I hope these Pros & Cons gave you all a better understanding of ripple and where ripple as a company can go in the future. Be Sure to Subscribe & Like!

Ripple (XRP) STILL Replacing Bitcoin? 2019 | Pros vs. Cons | Vol. 2

Volume 1
Ripple (XRP) WILL replace Bitcoin.. Here’s Why | Ripple Review & Price Prediction 2018
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Disclaimer: This video represents my personal opinion that are for educational purposes only and do not necessarily constitute facts in any way. Therefore no posts represent investment advice. Trade and Invest at your own risk.

10 Responses to Ripple (XRP) STILL Replacing Bitcoin? 2019 | Pros vs. Cons | Vol. 2

  1. Keith Becker

    verifone and igenico are the worlds largest payment terminals….

  2. Keith Becker

    Graft the bridge between merchants and consumers with out the banks….

  3. Keith Becker

    Graft has already been certified by verifone and is working with ingenico and shopify. You guys should check graft out.. they will be online in july

  4. Keith Becker

    Graft is a payment network like visa or mastercard…. 2 second transactions… mark my word. will bring crypto mainstream

  5. Keith Becker

    Graft will replace bitcoin….

  6. LifeSizeBox

    Too bad XRP isn’t a real Cryptocurrency.

  7. Steven Jeffrey

    Satoshi Nakamoto probably did not intend for 4% of BTC adresses to control most of the Bitcoin holdings and manipulate it to their advantage. XRP settles in under 60 sec, with tiny fees and is a more fair choice than swift or western union that has unfairly high fees.

  8. speedo smith

    Ripple is a scam token look into their history you will find so many bad things about it. Have a look at the video I posted in this chat!

  9. Anthony Crimp

    What’s the comparison for stellar look like as both originally designed by the same people(i think)?

  10. Jake Espo

    Amazing video, great job keep it up

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