Reviewing Every Pokémon Movie (to their Theme Songs!)

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20 Responses to Reviewing Every Pokémon Movie (to their Theme Songs!)

  1. JelloApocalypse

    Thanks for watching! Wondering why I gave some of these movies the ratings that I did? You can listen to my full, unfiltered reviews of every movie up on my Patreon! Check it out here!

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  2. Jonathan Eilbeck

    Remember when Herman Cain quotes a Pokemon movie.

    Also member Herman Cain.

  3. Dakota Metzgar

    Honestly? I love all these movies. I don't care what anyone says. Addendum: Genesect is eh, I didn't mind girl Mewtwo. And Hoopa is just not an interesting Pokémon.

  4. A Can of Diet Pepsi

    Mystery of mew is a god tier movie

  5. Barrett Kiburz

    5:45 Is this what hell sounds like

  6. Rachel Young

    As usual, it's good to see that you are a fellow man of culture and good taste

  7. Amberdiamondswords

    Use my trusty Dying Pan!

  8. Phillip Dinh

    Wait how do you know Caleb Hyles?! I listened to some of his music. How?!

  9. Background Brony

    Jello, you said you just roll your eyes at the whole marketing criticism. I legit get angry every time I hear it. That's not criticism! It's an empty platitude made by angry teens! If these angry teens think "marketing" is bad, they also think employees shouldn't get paid!

    Just. Fuck OFF!

  10. Cydra

    That mirror b bit near the end fucking floored me, well played

  11. Masterxl MVs


  12. Cyrilcynder1

    I don't think anyone hates spell of the unknown. Ash is pissed his mom got taken. And that why this movie is so great

  13. lionpaw315

    Bro the darkrai movie should get an honorable mention for that kickass climax song. Same for the lugia movie

  14. Warren chong

    I Feel That Venesection Could've Been SO MUCH BETTER cause Genesect Is such a Good Pokémon With a Decent Backstory
    Also Regigigas ヽ(`⌒´)ノ

  15. Itchy Platypus

    You seemed to notice the Castle in the Sky rip off but not the Princess Mononoke RIP off that is Pokemon 4Ever

  16. Geoffrey Winn

    Cool video!

  17. Owen Wild

    I’d say spell of the unknown is a 7 or 8

  18. Blipthetomato ye

    Worse should be the movie at negative 3

  19. Linosek279



  20. Dragoniiia

    I was very happy to just see my fav legendaries in Hoopa movie. And I remember absolutely nothing from that movie. Whatever.

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