Review: Magento Hosting $4 On A Hostgator Shared Server
Most people believe Magento hosting requires a shared server. In my experience that is not true! My large magento store runs great on cheap hosting package from Hostgator.

In my experience this is best Magento web hosing and also the most cheap magento hosting — You’t can’t beat it for the price. They are a fast magento host too. My site with 12000 skus runs great. See more about this cheap hosting for magento at my site below.

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  1. trsk

    Magento, if well configured, can run on a shared server without problems. Magento's core is pretty well designed to scale linearly with the number of products in the database. Magento's speed depends largely on the caching model used and especially the cleanliness and efficiency of code in third party modules. Using redis as a cache can make a pleasant difference for instance. Magento's speed indeed depends largely on the caching model used but it is also important to analyse third party modules for cleanliness and efficiency of code, as incorrect handling of collections or just plain bad code can cause huge slowdowns. Furthermore, Magento Enterprise is very nice if you have a huge store with a lot of connectivity to external services, but for most stores Magento Community Edition is fine.

  2. Adrian Pritchard

    Hostgator support is so piss poor though… It takes them 24 hours+ just to reply to simple questions. Also they only have an old version of magneto on their install list.

    Interested in Magento hosting? Move along to the next hosting company.

  3. Danyal Abraham

    i always recommend that you give a good experience of your online store by loading site page faster, use nexcess hosting which ready optimized for #magento..

    Refer whitepaper.

  4. Marrissa Robinson

    Nope but if I can save a few hundred I certainly will.

  5. Marrissa Robinson

    Yes. Their business includes and ssl

  6. Marrissa Robinson

    cant put links in the comments box.

  7. Belial derGott

    What about SSL can you get that on a shared server?

  8. Ryan Elmer

    I'd hit it.

  9. miliscent

    Yeah a brand new site with no traffic that no one uses. I'm sure it works fine. For now…

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