Pure Leverage Tutorial Part2 (creating a campaign using Pure leverage auto responder)


PureLeverage.com home of the Marketing suite of tools that pays out 100% residual commissions back to the affiliate base

Money is in the relationship especially if you can make a difference to someone’s life.

Are you familiar with this company called GVO? The founder and CEO of GVO is Joel Therien.

GVO is a suite of re-organized and re-bundled business services designed to provide Internet Marketers or Network Marketers with market proven tools they need. By owning and housing all the necessary equipment needed to provide these services all in one location, the owners eliminate the middlemen. Thus these services can be offered directly to the consumer at a very competitive price.

Joel Therien released his grand master project, PURE LEVERAGE

I think any executives, internet or network marketers, business owner or affiliate will look this over as I did!


1. Elite Coaching Program
Are you tired of paying thousands of dollars or more for proper internet marketing coaching?
Here at Pureleverage they will teach you everything you need to know to build a very comfortable business from home in the direct sales industry.

You will be recruiting new prospects into your business without ever making a single cold call guaranteed!

2. Easy Lead Flow – Lead Capture Auto Responder System
The very first thing and the first tool in your PureLeverage marketing suite you will need is a very high quality designed lead capture system. If you are terrible at web design, if you hate all the “techie” stuff and your skills in adcopy writing are less than desirable, then worry no more.

3. Video Email Service
So now that you have the traffic sent to your high converting lead capture pages and your professional blog, your leads list WILL grow and your downline will build itself, it is then time to keep your team motivated by leveraging the power of our video email service. You simply choose your template, record your video and then send your video message to your whole team with 1 click of a mouse directly to their inbox or by posting it on your blog! Being available by a pre-recorded video provides the best form of communication.

4. Authority BlogPure Leverage Opportunity
The second thing Joel has used to build an 8 figure business that he will build for you, is your very own personal and very professional authority blog and website.

Your very own high converting blog and website designed to make you the “leader and go to person” in your primary business.

Tips and tricks on becoming an instant authority and leader in your marketplace.
Generate maximum conversions into leads, traffic and sales!
Sleek, Professional Done For You Designs.
Keep 100% profit.

5. Turbo Traffic Generation
Just look at the Alexa rank of some of their sites, if you are unsure of what Alexa is, it is a third party site started by Amazon which ranks websites based on traffic and popularity, you will see that their traffic is massive and they were rank in the top .0001% of the best out there. Pure leverage will show you how to achieve this with your own business!

6. Live Meeting Room
As we all know, gone are the days of hotel meetings for live presentations in the network marketing industry, especially when you use the power of the PureLeverage marketing suite of tools.
As your team grows exponentially and globally, you will find that your PureLeverage recruiting and live meeting room will be one of the most powerful tools in your arsenal. This amazing system allows you to communicate in real time audio and video, conduct presentations, share your desktop or files with all your attendees.


Get Started Now: http://www.pureleverage.com/launch/2?id=pregyrick

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