POCO F1 Review, Pros and Cons – Is this the best budget flagship?

We finally are done with the review of the Xiaomi POCO F1 smartphone, the budget flagship that comes under the sub-brand POCO from Xiaomi. It is a good phone, but what are the good and bad things of this phone? Let’s check them out in the review.


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20 Responses to POCO F1 Review, Pros and Cons – Is this the best budget flagship?

  1. Gaurav TOPGUN

    Humble request-
    Sir, How is speaker loudness compared to Note 5 pro?

  2. Bharat More

    Splendid Flagship Smartphone, loved all the features it provides ❤️👌 really great and sorted Smartphone! 💯 Thank you for making this amazing video sir👌 #GizmoArmy

  3. Hirak Sarkar

    Nobody else talked about the game ping issue


    Will it gets Android update up to,' Q' headphone audio quality

  5. Shantanu Bera

    Really, v good review, thanks…👍

  6. Maroof KHAN

    Great video !!!! All clear about #POCOF1 . Really Xiaomi had done an amazing job with this one ! Flagship in 21K ! A complete package and May be OnePlus killer ! #GizmoArmy

  7. usman abdulkadir

    Amazing reviews as always

  8. Robin George

    There is no 4+64 variant

  9. Siddhant Gupta

    Broadcasting information with error. Base variant comes with 6/64GB.

  10. prashanth amanchi

    Awesome deep review 👌 #GizmoArmy

  11. Anu Modi

    This Phone Is The Best At 21K And The Most Value For Money Of 2018.
    Thanks For This Video 🙂

  12. Aayush Kumar

    Sir aap Kon sa mal fukte ho ¥¥¥
    Just joking , but sir upload karne se pahle video seriously dekh bhi liya karo.
    Base variant 4+64 nhi 6+64 h , jaha tak mere ko pta h.

  13. Pepe The Frog

    This phone has only one con and that is


  14. Vignesh Ganesh

    Small correction base variant is 6+64 not 4+64

  15. Pepe The Frog

    Does it have sceeen recording like other xiaomi phones?

  16. Vignesh

    Base Variant has 6 gigs of ram as well.

  17. rasika pednekar

    Thank you for this detailed and wonderful review sir 🙂👌 #GizmoArmy

  18. rasika pednekar

    Best Flagship Smartphone with amazing and interesting Specs & Features, performance is Best!
    I loved it 😍❤️❤️❤️❤️ #GizmoArmy

  19. Kuldeep Kuldeep

    Nicely explained all pros and cons of flagship Keller #POCOF1. It's price is so much attractive that one can ignore small cons.
    Thanks for the video


  20. Anu ananya

    Best features for the price 21K .surely great phone . thank you

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