Phanteks EVOLV X Review – The Perfect Case!

The Phanteks EVOLV X is here and we’ve got your review! Nothing more to say. 🙂

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Review unit provided free of charge by Phanteks. This video is sponsored by Enermax & Massdrop. As per HWC guidelines, no review direction was received from manufacturer. All purchase links listed in the description have Hardware Canucks AMAZON monetary affiliation.

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20 Responses to Phanteks EVOLV X Review – The Perfect Case!

  1. TrillTron

    Not too crazy about the new design with the 4 panels covering the cutouts on the right. Thats the best place to mount a reservoir for custom loop IMO, but it will look ugly with the panels all gone to accommodate said reservoir/pump. Wish I could get an original Evolv ATX but with the new rear panels of this one.

  2. Dark Spirits

    how do u get 90 Cel on your GPU? I got a EVGA 1070 super clocked and its running at 50 cel

  3. DJJEZ1983

    This is gonna be my 1st ever PC case

  4. UmbraFaux

    My question is why the hell are they skimping on the fan headers and not making them all 4-pin?

  5. jim Hunt

    yeah about that closed up front my perfect case has better airflow

  6. humanitysonlyhope

    @HardwareCanucks I know you guys are busy but I have to know. What is the internal height of the front of the chassis. I ask because I have an alphacool 420mm rad I intent to mount in the front of this case with an overall length of 468mm and I want to know if it will fit. I would realy appreciate if you could let me know. thanks!

  7. Kyle Ingram

    I hope you guys will revisit this case with added fans so we can see if that improves GPU thermals at all.

  8. Farm Hard

    Nice a new oven i will buy it and put it in my room and cook hot dogs on it

  9. George Carlin

    The temp he listed is incorrect.

  10. Blue

    I bought one ….

  11. NorthWind

    I can install hue+ in the back side? The one visible for sdd
    Thanks man

  12. Oskar Jonsson

    two thumbs up!!

  13. Nuke Iraq

    Can't wait for GN to get a hold of this inferno case an give us an actual thermals review.

  14. Dargus Maximus

    Hello, is the case on your video the silver model or anthracite grey?

  15. Matthew Lachance

    If the HDD caddies are installed in the main chamber, will an AIO solution still work as a front mount option?

  16. Bolts 4

    Worst temps ever, 90° on GTX 1080? Almost 80 on CPU? Maybe its most useless case of the year, not the best. Its oven, not proper PC case. R6 FTW.

  17. Francesco Montini

    optical drive DVD ?

  18. Ahmed Sabit

    Hy, Can anyone tell me if it supports 30mm rad and push pull setup on top and front?

  19. Dwayne Morris

    Wait, can you can mount 3 140mm fans in the front?!

  20. Just AJoX

    nah Define R6 still the king

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