pc gaming cheap! Dell server r410 dual 1366 intel xeons

I modded this dell poweredge to be quiet run run windows 8.1 pro. I also added a zotac gtx 1050 graphics card. paired it up with 8gb ddr3 server ram. its a fine gaming machine with dual INTEL XEON X5667 QUAD CORE PROCESSOR 3.06GHZ/12M/6.40GT/S SLBVA they turbo at 3.46 ghz giving me 8 cores and sixteen threads..
the server originally cost $50 and upgraded xeons where like $35 for the pair from ebay.
the first r410 video:https://youtu.be/Skp5etvnggc

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20 Responses to pc gaming cheap! Dell server r410 dual 1366 intel xeons

  1. John Lord

    those giant heatsinks are unnecessary. The stock ones prevent it from overheating. I Gamed on a server for two years and didn't even have a processor fan.

  2. Aaron Henderson

    Check out a similar build I did awhile back…same sort of concept, just executed a little differently…it's near the bottom of the page at this link – https://plus.google.com/collection/kCNPIE

  3. sorin marian

    You want to sell this project I am interested

  4. country boy

    then the clouds of heaven parted and blinding rays of light flashed out and with a booming thunderous voice God said: "GOD BLESS YOU MODSTEK" – NOW LETS SEE SOME BLENDER CYCLES RENDERING PERFORMANCE

  5. Pilot Master

    I buy the same server but i am trying figure out how can disable onboard graphics VGA for add GPU, i am trying use RX 560 4GB idk of this GPU will works. But if someone can tell me how to disable VGA i will appreciate because i don’t find any info in internet. I just found this video that’s inspire me make this build the only trouble i have is that.

  6. ThEpicSoul

    so modstek way to get a gaming pc is to buy a super cheap prebuilt, clean it, Spray paint it, and add a gt 1030 and also some led/RGB stuff.

  7. Gore Rilla

    Love it, this is exactly what i planned with my own R410. How did you supply power to the GPU? is there an available cable for the GPU on the existing PSU?

  8. Aaron Pray

    would this fit youre mobo?

  9. Pp Lime

    Not efficient, but I like it

  10. circuitos cosas útiles y mas.

    jey buena idea para ahorar unos pesitos al armar una pc gamer

  11. James Niland.

    got a great price for that pair 😀

  12. Asdfguy86

    you should try modding out a precision 690

  13. John Hopka

    Where you from that accent is so familiar? Love your videos btw keep up the awesome work!!!!
    Also got any merch would love to rock a shirt with your logo to spread the word on this awesome channel !

  14. Paulo César Secundo

    This is so great man!

  15. Jesse Williams

    Now if you do a server build how do you get around the operating system won't it run Windows server, are you able to put what ever operating system in.

  16. JForce

    Does this server have some sort of cpu limitation? Just asking since you didn't go with the 6c12t chips.

  17. Jason Walker

    Hey dude, love your channel. I think I've watched all of your videos. Keep the content coming!

  18. MeatPopsycle

    Why shouldn't they leave RAM on the system?

  19. Steve Kwasi

    Hey modstek, I myself picked up a dual Xeon machine 2 weeks ago as a toy for $25. Its a dell 490, picked up 16gb server memory for 12 dollars on eBay, it has dual Xeon 5050 dual cores. I did not do enough research and bought dual Xeon 5450's they ended up not working (newer revision). I guess 5350s? Will work but not sure. I've never played with servers before as I never saw a point.

  20. firman s

    nice dudeee . rockkkk

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