ONE FOR ALL FULL COWL, QUIRKS & OUTFITS! || Minecraft My Hero Academia Mod Review

ONE FOR ALL FULL COWL, QUIRKS & OUTFITS! || Minecraft My Hero Academia Mod Review

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20 Responses to ONE FOR ALL FULL COWL, QUIRKS & OUTFITS! || Minecraft My Hero Academia Mod Review

  1. Dominik Biljan

    One for all full coil??? can you english brooo its full cowl…just say cow with and l and thats how you say it xD

    anyways have a nice day!

  2. letthedounutroll

    I mean it's kinda like when tokoyami puts dark shadow over his body for a physical boost

  3. One for all

    Can you have all of the quirks at the same time

  4. Gman_MLG

    7:54 thats dark shadow manta where dark shadow covers the useri and gives him strenght and speed

  5. Andrew Rb-Roblox

    umm gingy why do u say tototo a lot? xD

  6. The Lapis Torch

    His scar was from boiling water not fire

  7. Darian Farrel

    Dark shadows ultimate is he using hes shadow to boost him

  8. Andrew Appleton-Clark

    Emo-Might is best Might

  9. TheMysticMinecart //Myles

    All these rwby ads man

  10. Fatboy Fires

    Are you going to do a super hero series

  11. SulaUniverse 909

    looks like the mod creator didnt watch boku no hero at all and just assumed the quirk abilities 😧

  12. Luck Voltia


  13. Kiziro Akami

    Hahaha Thats actually my modpack for the Lucraft core which I did purley out of boredom .3.

    "It's not a standalone mod its just an addonpack I did within the possibilities of a limited core mod that allows you to add stuff like that. It's not that I can just create new things and add them. Also I only did it bc I was bored and like just wanted to kill some time lel" I think I told that someone once.. yea pretty sure I did.

    also it was just a test design run kind of ish for a superhero server I am working on thats why the suits all give the same amount of protection etc. (balancing etc) soo yea its basically just a test pack and designed to work for a server. Thats also why I didnt actually plan on updating it anymore tho if you're actually interessted in having this pack updated with the newest version of Lucraft and the possibilities now I can try xD

    Thanks a lot of Reviewing it tho haha anyway yea the real stuff is all on the server haha

    PS: I just realized this now but this kinda seems like I'm advertising.. I'm not sry just wanted to say how things are and why they are

  14. Otaku gamer

    You should do a series of this with owtreyalp.

  15. Payton Self

    you kneed to play more Naruto on roblox

  16. KngK

    gingy that bird guy can cover himself with dark shadow

  17. Solar

    but how install it ?

  18. The One Eyed Alpha

    technically dark shadow makes sense cause he occasionally uses it as a kind of armour

  19. DBZ Artsist

    Feel bad for the 7 butthurt who dislike.

  20. Rihan South

    U should make a series on this or is saying that a no no and you will get pissed

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