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One Response to Hosting Review | Best Cheap WordPress Hosting For Beginners

  1. pan cake

    I agree that its a good platform but not the best and there business practice is the worst. negative 1000000 points why? check google, scam many victims like me.

    heres my story auto renewed my account with out notification and billed me. I was in a holliday and when I came back i got a letter from debt collector and the case was already forwarded to national debt colletion agency where one can be financially blacklisted. its a scam. Good site to build website but negative -100000 on good business practices avoid this site. make a site on web server with good business ethics.

    The site has no option to terminate your services. You need to ask a link from customer service which they had inform me after they pass the invoice to debt collector. . Now I had to pay 100 USD for late fees and 50 usd for the 12months contract they had auto renew in behalf of me .

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