NordVPN Review & Setup Tutorial | My Unbiased VPN Review & Installation on Desktop & Mobile

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I’ve been using NordVPN to upload videos to YouTube from China for the past year, so I decided to share my unbiased VPN review as well as a setup tutorial for those who want to try.


I get asked numerous times every week: “How do you access YouTube, Facebook and Twitter while you’re living in China?” Because of what is known as The Great Firewall – really just China’s censorship of the internet – usually these websites won’t even open in China.

The answer to the question is simple: *I use a VPN* (aka “Virtual Private Network”).

Don’t know what a VPN is? Watch this video:

NordVPN is one of many VPNs that I use here in China that not only allows me to access blocked websites but also secures my internet activity to keep me (mostly) safe from hacking & identity theft.

Since I’ve been using this software for so long, I thought it would be helpful if I provided a personal *VPN Review* for NordVPN that will give you an idea of what I like and don’t like about the service.

In addition, I’ll also give you a quick look at the purchase & installation of NordVPN on both my computer and mobile device. In the end, my hope is that you’ll be able to look at this and determine whether NordVPN is the right fit for you and your needs.

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*Full Disclosure*: This video has been produced in partnership with NordVPN and the links in the video and in this description are affiliate links. This means that at no extra cost to you, FarWestChina will be compensated should you decide to use NordVPN as a result of watching this review. Thank you!

20 Responses to NordVPN Review & Setup Tutorial | My Unbiased VPN Review & Installation on Desktop & Mobile

  1. Adrian Li

    Hi Josh, I installed Nord on my iphone and am traveling in China. Unfortunately, when I click quick connect, it doesn't connect. Any suggestions on how to get past the China firewall on the phone?

  2. Gabrielle Bénard

    So I bought nordvpn and started to download, I just received a notice from Warner bross. I am not sure what I'm not doing right, maybe It's because I used a Canadian server? ( I'm in canada)

  3. Charles Jonathan

    I downloaded it but I can’t find the option where I can authorize the apps that should work with the vpn,so it basically stops everything from working once it gets connected,or is it because am still on free trial

  4. Nuke Master 0

    Plot twist this guy is a CEO of NordVPN

  5. Valeera

    does this encrypt your whole connection or just your browser

  6. ripoff reporter

    NordVPN, ProtonVPN, Protonmail are a scam!! NordVPN is a shady Lithuanian company CloudVPN INC run by tesonet, a known data mining outfit. Just Google: NordVPN Tesonet

  7. TheRealQuitz

    Bruh you showed your ip

  8. Sonny King

    Time markers, finally someone who uses some organized content.

  9. Tony

    For iOS, after you log in, do you need to keep running the NordVPN app in the background or should I close it? I’m wondering if I can save on battery life if I close it but not if that disconnects me from NordVPN.

  10. A Bar

    I have Nord VPN. I can only give you my opinion based on my own personal experience with it and I am not impressed with it. It seriously slows down your connection speeds .
    Speeds Without Nord VPN Connected. Ping 43, Download 269.31, Upload 11.88 .
    Speeds with Nord CONNECTED Ping 42, Download 60.45, Upload 2.00.
    I have found on many occasions, When I am trying to connect to several websites. I have experienced, it slows you down to the point where I had to turn it off to complete the connection. I am not hating people. it is, what it is. If you want to watch NETFLIX you have to turn it off. Also do not configure Nord VPN to automatically connect on start up. I had a power outage and it shut down my computer. I Had Nord VPN configured to automatically connect on start up. When the power came back on. Nord VPN could not connect and would not allow my computer to startup and consequentially I could not connect to the internet because Nord VPN was Blocking my connection. I contacted Apple Support and after hours of diagnostic troubleshooting. We concluded Nord VPN was preventing the connection to the Internet.

    I screwed up and got caught up in the Hype. Just like the one you are watching. I entered into a two year contract to save some money. I believe its 2 years for $79.00. However I strongly suggest you test drive it before you commit yourself. It has a lot of great features and the price is reasonable. However , it really slows down your connection speeds. Try Express VPN then try Nord VPN. thats what I should have done. My personal conclusion is, make sure you try outNord VPN before you buy. Try other VPNs Like Express VPN. I have heard good things about it. Again my knowledge of Express VPN is solely based on second hand information. like I said, I bought Nord VPN. Then make an educated decision based on your own personal experience. if you find a better VPN. please let me know. I will take the $79.00 hit and chalk it up to cognitive development. Sorry Nord it is what it is. You seriously need to work on your connection speeds. I have it on my Ipad, Iphone, Imac, and My Nvidia shield. they all experience the same damn problem. With my Nvidia shield, I don't even turn it on. Because the sites recognize the VPN and require you shut it down to access their content. As a result, I forget to turn it back on and if I were to turn it back on, at some point again. I will be required to turn it off.
    I have heard and I am not sure if its true. You do not experience this problem with Express VPN. With Nord VPNs product, it is "Buyer Beware" .
    Hope this helps in your decision making as to which VPN to get. Test drive your VPN before you commit…….

    Semper FI

  11. Mikemaid

    Hey Josh, I am traveling to China in a week and I was wondering if NordVPN still works on PC and mobile to bypass The Great Firewall. I read a few articles and it said that NordVPN does not work on mobile for China anymore. Is that true? I would love to hear back from you to determine if this VPN still works. Thanks!

  12. Glenn S.

    Try cancelling within 30 days. LOL.

  13. groovyme1234

    my nordvon is not showing a search bar, please help?

  14. Andrew Wilson

    Hi can you please help. I have just installed NordVPN on a 3 day free trial. It connects to any country I want but when it connects it turn off my Internet connection. I am glad I went for a free trial instead of spending money for nothing. Hope you have a solution for me. Thanks.


    Nord-VPN is our favourite VPN!

  16. Sonny Chaudhry

    This was very helpful! Thanks so much.

  17. Jose Buloes

    i'm need vpn free not can pay i'm without work

  18. Patrick47

    i hate macs too many problems only7% people use mac

  19. MFA31

    I want my money back and I don’t know how

  20. bad79ass

    Would this be a good VPN to have if I said wanted to use Popcorn time or download movies through Yify with?
    Thanks for the answer in advance.

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