New IPTV Review of KS Hosting 2018

My review of KS Hosting IPTV service

KS hosting IPTV review.
KS iptv review

20 Responses to New IPTV Review of KS Hosting 2018

  1. Backyard Survivalist

    Are these considered illegal? Would i need a VPN to hide from my isp. I also hear vpn causes some of the buffering probs. Thoughts?

  2. Victor Quiroz

    will this work with firestick?

  3. Andy Andy


  4. harley rider

    KS is pretty good for me… Yea it has it's issues every now and then but regardless you are still paying less then you would if you still had cable…. And if you can hardwire all your devices it definitely helps…. As far as support tickets I always get a response back with in a hour and once again it's about the same as setting on your phone for tech support for your cable service so it's not a real big deal for me….. Over all A++

  5. lloyd t

    Ks is bad, eternal is very good now tho. Eternal at the beginning was pretty bad too,but has improved a lot since

  6. wah2k7

    How did you add the ks hosting to the iptv smarter app. What was the url for ks solutions? They aren't being helpful when I asked then for this info. Appears they only want me to use their custom app.

    I too have more than one service and would like to use the one app like in your video.


  7. MTN junior

    Dont even waste your time on this stupid service, Even Free OLA iptv is far better than this shit iptv, better donate this $5 to homeless, stupid service..delay and hanging like hell channels in sd..

  8. DeeSoWavey

    $8 for me, 3 screens hardline connection (20mbps lol). U get what u pay for, and it works good for me.

  9. Me

    Kodi solutions sucks, been using it for 3 months, it always buffers especially nfl and the live fights, not much better than kodi was and that was free

  10. Michael Savich

    Does Movies, Series and Catch Up work? Signed up today and only Live TV is working but working well.

  11. Frank Quintanilla

    Great videos! Lots of help thanks!

  12. MissteriousMe

    Question: if I choose the Mag & Streamline option, what does that give me? Any extras from what I would get under regular streamline svc?

  13. gphillimo

    Where do you download iptv smarters?

  14. david bohne

    And one more…what is best android box to buy.. name and model and where to buy… thanks

  15. david bohne

    Iptv smarters app…you talk about and see in the upper left of your screen when you show kodi solutions. Can you just do KS? Or you need the iptv smarters app as you briefly mentioned…thanks

  16. Ndugu Coleman

    Do you know any IPTV services that offer 1080p instead of just 720P

  17. Tonie Deo

    Nice review, thanks for the info!

  18. Gregg M

    I'm dropping my kodi solutions it's nowhere as good as area-51 which is 10x better for the same price! 🙂🙂🙂

  19. Marquis Cohen

    Hey bro what the best IPTV service for 5$ dollars I need a back up.

  20. Mark Moore

    Eternal tv the best if you can get it I have it and it's perfect

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