Namecheap Review – We Look At Their Plans, Speed, and Performance Benchmarks

In this Namecheap Review, we go over their hosting plans, website speeds, and performance benchmarks. We also compare Namecheap with other hosting companies as well

We highly recommend that you get your domains from Namecheap and hosting from companies like Hostgator or Bluehost


Their founder Richard Kirkendall has published a birthday message that not only dwells on the past 15 years but also gives notable thanks to all his staff and customers.

Namecheap has long been one of our favorite hosting companies and indeed are our preferred domain registrar. They are known for their stand against SOPA and their support for internet freedom and have garnered very positive traction for this on Reddit.

It is quite difficult to remember back to what the internet was like back in 2001, but it is worth noting that the first dot-com bubble took place between 1997 to 2001, and the popular Netscape Navigator was launched just seven years prior in 1994. It is amazing to think about how so much has changed in that time.

Rather than republish the whole message we will only highlight a couple of the more interesting points, followed by a very brief summary of all their major events over the past 15 years. Thank you for watching this namecheap review!

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8 Responses to Namecheap Review – We Look At Their Plans, Speed, and Performance Benchmarks


    Was quite helpful

  2. OriginalAntbox

    What the fuck kind of math are you using, unadvanced algibra?

  3. Avi Sharma

    Get .com domain name for rs99 or 1$ from godaddy.
    Here is full guide how to get it?
    Thanks me later.

  4. Bart Nash

    Shame on you. You are wrong in your assessment, Namecheap does not add the renewal fee to the initial annual plan price for a total of 48.00 dollars. The renewal fee is 38.00 total to renew the value plan. That comes to 3.16 a month avg. Same goes for the rest of the plans. That's just the beginning. Hostgator or anyone selling their hosting through their affiliate link like you, the support system is the worst. By contrast, Namecheap's support is by far better than Hostgator. As far as speed goes you can't begin to see any difference in speed. You made a bogus video just so you can get people to buy hosting through your affiliate link.
    Shame on you.

  5. Vese Biam

    Thank you for making this video.

  6. Ravi Mudalige

    NameCheap domain and hosting both cheaper than HostGator. In HostGator, if you select 1 year it will cost you more. NameCheap gives you $12.86 first year + .com domain name for $14.29/year. NameCheap is probably the cheapest at the moment.
    Have a look here guyz ( ). From the Menu —> Hosting —> Shared Hosting.

    Anyway thanks for the video mate. Good stuff.

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  8. XHellXGeistX

    Thanks for the advice.

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