Minecraft – Behind the scenes [6] 25-33

Nothing too fancy for a lot of videos, so I got a lot in this update.

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  1. CloudyJay246

    Also, what was the point of that, "you are already dead" thing???

  2. CloudyJay246

    God you were mean in 23. XD

  3. CloudyJay246

    God you were mean in 23. XD

  4. ShaDougie.

    Favorite part..
    "drop monster, STAB AND KILL."

  5. jimworld7070

    Thank you 😀

  6. Torqegood

    I never saw the april fools video >w>

  7. SpecterVonBaren

    Story wise, you could argue that when you reached the Aether that you were still talking as if to friend from sheer habit, not even really realizing that he's gone.

  8. 1979Chakra

    if anyone saw my comment in fyre city the why naka why that was a lot oo extreme it frustrated me because it wold have been better if he destroyed syndicates world slightly so it looked like someone lived there he could have had a welcome sign saying 'welo
    come to…' and make it slightly broken now that would have gone with the story so well so please do not report the old comment if it was THAT extreme and please dont mistaken me as a hater naka i love your videos and all the people like ogre

  9. Pondake

    You don't understand, I hear 3 voices. I can hear the gameplay voice twice through the orinal placed video and the recording of the behind the scenes.

  10. RekiWylls

    Again, that's the point.

  11. Surfing On Squarewaves

    If spoo is spelt "spoo" and not "spu" then it's "Oops" backwards.

  12. Worenx

    If we're on the same page involving Spoo, I think I know what this game is you're talking about, Naka. Might it involve dragons? 😀

  13. CrazyCommentaries

    You mustn't perish, we managed this.

  14. Pondake

    No Naka, I meant double, I can hear your voice from the gameplay, and I hear the same voice while you were recording over it.

  15. Mr_RedundantGuy

    That Drop in the April Fools episode reminds me of Kingdom hearts Dream Drop Distance. I hated that collection dive… (if you know what I'm talking about near the end, than congrats to you!)

  16. NexiSanada

    " If you head way over in this direction- I hate you…so much…"

    I like how its not just me I can sometimes sidetrack like you just did while explaining that intended or not. though I like how much behind the scenes work you did to make this work, time consuming as I can imagine it was.

  17. jimworld7070

    Im sorry but what did the map say in the skyblock?

  18. Jakub Chrzanowski

    Can you do a vlog

  19. Jio05

    SPU! Missed ya Spu.

  20. TheSpeedOfRound

    Naka is friends with robiku? worlds collide!

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