Mean Yelp Reviews: Restaurant Edition

Regular People Read Mean Yelp Reviews (misspellings and all)

It’s safe to say by now, everyone has fallen in love with Jimmy Kimmel’s “Celebrities Read Mean Tweets” segment. We decided to put our own twist on his hilarious bit. Watch as these regular people read mean Yelp reviews about themselves, for the first time, in this special “Restaurant Edition”.

Created by: Lulu Glenn (@MissLunator on Twitter/Instagram)
Directed/Edited by: Graham High (@GrahamHigh on Twitter)

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20 Responses to Mean Yelp Reviews: Restaurant Edition

  1. sillyjo

    haha fun! I definitely need to make one of these editions

  2. Graham Shoebridge

    Yelp is a thing OF THE past and no-one takes there company seriously anymore!.They use to be professional and used extensively by numerous employer's until 2016 but now they are mocked relentessely and for recruiting staff with ulterior motives!!


    Just plain Nasty…
    We all work to survive in this money jungle Jumanji, our skill set will never be perfect…
    Staff will go that extra mile…
    Owners are 24/7…
    Just for the passion of visual colour & texture, aroma of delicacy, a taste that ends all world wars combined, local music & surroundings of unity…
    If that's not enough?
    Try our complementary
    "Austin TX wave" sticker
    Just 4 u 😉

  4. sarah18497

    They say that the customer is always right.

    That is a bunch of baloney.

    A lot of people/customers are naturally angry. They just suck. They WANT to start problems and make workers look bad. They usually go after people AT their jobs because employees are SUPPOSED to be professional and courteous even when douchebags are being morons!!!

    I am almost sure 90% of those reviews were from people who went there, eager to start something.

  5. 1989bccclasmate

    some people can be mad and mean…I never lie on any if my revires.i also don't dog anyone unless I have solid validation of poor service..I have 433 reviews..

  6. 1989bccclasmate

    some people can be mad and mean…I never lie on any if my revires.i also don't dog anyone unless I have solid validation of poor service..I have 433 reviews..

  7. 1989bccclasmate

    mean or HONEST????????????????????????????????????

  8. Shuai Li

    Restaurant is a hard business, long hours, greasy, lots of ungrateful customers. Have to smile all day to them and then get complaints still. How about them dine and dashers? I need a vacation…..

  9. Hannah Sturtevant

    I didn't realize for two minutes the reviews were being read by the people they were about. Anyone else?

  10. jayhan94

    the only way to get good reviews is to give them the yelper special

  11. mrrickstur

    Yelp reviews are typically written by self-entitled and overly-sensitive babies who have no idea what they're talking about

  12. Ward Blanchard II

    I have a customer who had 26 printed reviews with an avator give me a 5 star review and it was filtered. Yet a self entitled spoiled child named Emelee has never used my company and who admits it is allowed to write a printed 1 star review of my company.Recently a vengeful Yelp elite Paul M from Southwest Ranches ,Fl. who had already been busted by the B.B.B. for writing a false reviews had wrote negative tips about my company on the mobile site.He has never even called my company.A company that has been A rated and serving S.FL. for over 30 years.He is still upset because I refused to do business with his boyfriend who was caught trying to defraud my company. So much like most critics of yelf the main reason we hate yelf is not the bad reviews they allow to be printed but the suppression of the good reviews and the way the elite are allowed to use the site as their own personal battle station .

  13. CherryFrog321

    They should have posted the names/pictures of the people who wrote those reviews. They deserve to be publically shamed!

  14. PhDRami


  15. Ruairidh Creez

    Boogers and cum for them all.

  16. Adrian Greene

    south park episode 4 is the reason I'm here lol

  17. Kim Roland Maguddayao

    Look at those reviews of self-centered people who really think they were becoming King when they got something to pay other people off in a place that satisfies their needs. B*** S***.

  18. Chris Houston

    Yelp doesn't really believe in free speech. Go to their own youtube account, the comments are disabled.

  19. missA

    These aren't mean. They're F-ing hilarious! The things people say on yelp LOL

  20. An Evolving Ape

    "… rocking nothing but cottage cheese." LOL! will so use this.

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