#LionelNation🇺🇸Immersive Live Stream: Trump Will Now Unveil the Alt-Left’s Worst Nightmare

“I just get all jacked up when we start cooking.” — Terry Kath


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LIONEL appears at @CuttingRoomNYC on 19 January 2019 CE for the inaugural performance of THE 2019 CONSPIRATORIUM TOUR. Mind-blowing truth warrioring with the immaculate twang of bluegrass thrown in for good measure. Operators are standing by.

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20 Responses to #LionelNation🇺🇸Immersive Live Stream: Trump Will Now Unveil the Alt-Left’s Worst Nightmare

  1. MARTIN THE CONFUSITOR martinferrin

    Who is more " content ", the person who knows ,in every detail , how THEY are trying to kill/control us through fear etc or the person who knows little or nothing of the details but isn't surprised by the threat that THEY represent ? .

  2. Anthony S2K04

    Fox purchased by Disney.

  3. Anthony S2K04

    It all started with the facsimile machine (fax machine) the first intruding device into our lives.

  4. sailboinz1

    what about FOX ??????? <<<<======== Murdoch's son a pinko, probably Soros' son's buddy – same tribe

  5. Motherload Reality

    That is something no one has understood. On the other side their soldiers are heroes. Soldiers are good people who take orders. That is why I get angry at defacing Confederate cemeteries. Leave in peace. Sadler committed murder and got away with it. Today he would not.

  6. Holy Harlot

    I'm 5 minutes in and it's already the best cast ever.

  7. ann louise

    In California people are talking about the fires. Decades of fire suppression — if wildfire is a natural phenomenon, then the forest is going to burn at some point and it will be all the hotter and more intense. Add years of drought, and Santa Ana winds that whip up in the fall. People wonder about what caused the fire, but if the conditions are right, it doesn't take much. The directed energy or geoengineering – is this your argument? Well, make it, give some back story, some details – how could it be done? And why? It's terrifying to think it would be possible.

    It's terrifying anyway – people trying to drive out on 2-lane roads stuck; many, many road closures and people abandoning their cars to run, carrying their children and pets. Even this far away, the smoke has darkened the sky the last 2 days.

  8. rushvan

    Just asking….but does Lionel ever get to the topic he labels his shows as?

  9. sailboinz1

    What about 911 Truth ???????

  10. Momica 27

    Praying medic can be found on his own site. Praying medic on periscope

  11. SLO 51 FIFTY

    “Controlled” or “Influenced” Personally, I vote for the latter. Also, in the latest primary, I voted YES on NO, and NO on YES ……

  12. Warrior Savant

    The idea that everyone deserves an email reply is BS. Can't tell you how many superfluous, idiotic, passive aggressive emails are sent out in the corporate world. If you want attention, have something worth reading. Screen time is destroying people's minds.

  13. carla vos

    lionel, did you read all the comments? more and more listeners are growing tired of your chaotic rambling
    whenever you stick to a point and finish your many stories, you'll keep yourfollowers.otherwise we consider you are in it for the money. I'm gonna quit too .

  14. carla vos

    teach children AND ADULTS basic manners.apart from eating habits, another thing is that kids are all over seats, sofa's chairs with their shoes still on. what if there is dog poo on their shoes. parents seems to let their bully kids go rampant in every way you can imagine.it's time to speak up and correct them in a
    loud way.

  15. Schlumbucket Returns

    Everyone should be curious about the world and question things, but it's not front page news every time someone finds something "weird" or something they can't understand. There are too many people over-reacting to things they have little understanding about. If you are one of those people, then it's no surprise that your relatives run the other way when they see you coming. Most people don't have time to entertain someone else's nonsense. Keep questioning and educating yourself, but people who constantly go nuts over things they merely suspect and only vaguely understand are rightly considered loons.

  16. Lye Detector

    Only the fear of the Lord Himself prevents me from slaughtering many , obviously insane , sociopathathic , commie indoctrinated by schooling, fellow man .

  17. Lawrence Smith

    Fox changed when Ailes left?
    Rupert Murdoch owns Fox and has. Said he wants the network to be more like CNN.
    How to replace unwanted anchors given contracts and public opinion?
    Roger Ailes, O'Reilly and Sean Hannity, all Trump supporters, faced allegations of sexual misconduct.
    O'Reilly just left, while Hannity quickly disproved the assertions being made.
    Roger Ailes who ran the network, upon leaving disclosed he was going to join Trumps campaign.
    Within days of leaving, Roger Ailes was found dead, from massive head trauma, reportedly happening as a result of falling down in his apartment.
    This is when Fox began to change.

  18. Robert DiMeglio

    Love your shirts and Ties, BUD! Lookin Good!

  19. Robert DiMeglio

    Lionel. Galaxy Knockoffs or Hugo boss// Ralph Lauren/Whose shirts do you WEAR? Coogi are $25 and Brio are $50. Just want to kniow if the HI ends are REALLY WORTH twice the price? Recently retired Blue collar guy who wants to DRESS BETTER!

  20. Washington Hoax

    Direct Energy Weapon = Illegal Alien (Hate America – Viva Mexico) with a match. Islamic low-level warfare.
    Burn the Libtard gringos out so they move to ruin other States like Texas, Arizona and Florida.
    The idiots running CA won't build firebreaks for fire control… or remove dead and dying vegetation.
    Let them build their nest and burn in it!

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