LEGO Star Wars Cloud Rider Swoop Bikes full review! 75215

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20 Responses to LEGO Star Wars Cloud Rider Swoop Bikes full review! 75215

  1. Pug Master Flash

    WOW! Definitely getting this set soon and I love all of the new face moulds and the speeders look sick! I also think this is actually a reasonable price for Star Wars. Great review Jang!

  2. Lego Channel No.1

    An actual affordable set which is great!

  3. TJ Bricks

    Good looking set but at 7:42 wish there was a face beneath as she takes her mask off in the movie overall good looking figures and cool speeders so want to try and pick it up

  4. Lukester Da Boyo

    He looks like a fallen captain from destiny

  5. Kenji Peffley

    out of the new star wars wave (august 1st) which one would you recommend?

  6. Epixez

    Hey jangbricks! Love your reviews and the amount of effort you put into making them. Keep up the good work!

  7. Ryan Kim

    00:42 The Lego UCS Red Five X-Wing did something similar with the thruster ends where they had the 8-sided circular pieces, but instead of the tiny arm-thingies they used 1×2 bricks with clips. That design gave the thruster ends of the X-Wing more of a clean finish, rather than here where they look like exhaust ports or holes.

  8. 13thmistral

    nice set but i just can not remember those characters and bikes having seen the movie.

  9. M4UT3

    Man i was expecting ANGRY CLONE to appear under those helmets..

  10. Mr Flibble

    7:48 at risk of sounding like a broken record


  11. Sergei Kasakow

    Would have rather seen faces under the helmets but looks great!

  12. Andy Bricks

    hey JANG. I love everything about this set, I think the bikes are cool and the minifigs rock and I got this for $42NZD which is great as its normally $50NZD.

  13. Modderhoop

    The bikes look really nice!

  14. That Bird from Spirited Away

    Such an awesome set. The builds and minifigures are pretty incredible for a single set.

  15. Lordodragonss

    I really hate how Lego did 2 newe helmets here while antman set get reused wrong pieces.

  16. John Willsea

    I wish it had one more charcter (maybe a skyrider grunt or range trooper) as it stands this is the only set I have even a chance of getting (the rest are all hyper expensive and I would never convince my parents) this I have a chance for Christmas if I'm lucky but I will save up for it as well. But it really needs a fourth charcter in the future.

    As always thanks for your video and I hope you have a wonderful day.

  17. Gerardo Gonzalez

    I mean we did get a Warwick Davis face for Professor Flitwick from Harry Potter

  18. Cheesey Breezy485

    So cool. I love the engines, lego should do more of these designs in their models

  19. Conan Valeria

    Those bikes look surprisingly good;Β  love the mechanical vibe overall, especially on the engine nozzles of the larger one.

  20. G0OFY

    But can it swoosh? πŸ€”

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