KVM Ubuntu 14.04 Server

Kernel Based Virtual Machines (KVM) using Ubuntu 14.04 Server
Commands in video:
sudo apt-get install qemu-kvm libvirt-bin virt-manager virt-viewer
sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get -y upgrade
man command
arp -e | grep 52:54:00:eb:35:e4
cat /proc/cpuinfo | grep processor | wc -l

virsh list –all
virsh shutdown virtualMachine
virsh reboot virtualMachine
virsh domiflist dev01

20 Responses to KVM Ubuntu 14.04 Server

  1. ( . Y . )

    So I didn't get that far in into this video but you should always move the /var/lib/libvirt/images to the /home/usernamehere or to some other drive.. if you did not set the size of /var when you was installing the OS…

    I say this due to I run KVM on CentOS 7

  2. Anthony Tucker

    Requesting your help , trying to get manjaro working on kubuntu 17.04 (KVM) host…?

  3. Matt Sullivan

    good video, but you can probably skip some the description of every command you typed. Most of us who land here probably don't need to hear what "ls" or "cp" will do.

  4. Geek Aid

    What's the name of your headphone ?

  5. Wyatt Arent

    Thank you for this. Tremendously helpful

  6. Mads Thvilum

    I don't know alot about linux, but I would like to get it to know. Right now I run my VMs in hyper-v on a Win 10 box. I like that I'm able to run a type 1 hypervisor on the same box as I use as a desktop. I this the Linux way to do that?

  7. Kirk Graham

    Great job! this was very helpful!

  8. petzsch

    Great Video… a bit lengthy ^^ Small tip for chaning to root on Ubuntu derivatives: sudo -i (for interactive mode)

  9. J Hess

    man, i just came across this video and i have to say that it was friggin awesome. you can never give too much information and i love the fact that you explain every little detail and give little tips and tricks. these are all the things that most people take for granted when doing tutorials and i end up having to write down a bunch of notes of commands and such to look up later because they didn't explain and assumed you knew. keep up the good work! and if you do IRC come on over to the jupiter broadcasting irc channel on irc.geekshed.net channel jupiterbroadcasting. you'd fit right in with us linux admins and enthusiasts!

  10. Robert Donnelly

    Thanks! Great job.

  11. MidwestMotoRider

    Great video I will sure be playing with this. I would add one tip for copy/paste using the keyboard you should try to use ctrl+insert for copy and shift+insert for the paste its been in every OS for many years in Linux and BSD and Unix since the beginning and it works in Windows and depending on the keyboard also works on Macs. This way of copy and pasting also works with terminals, all applications and most VMs..

  12. Colbert Philippe

    Hi Dan!   Your video help me with KVM.   I just have one question for you.   Do you know about Cloud-Init ( https://cloudinit.readthedocs.org/en/latest/ )?   It's basically a standard developed by Ubuntu, adopted by Amazon AWS and all other Linux distr.   Cloud-Init is a standard that specified a long string that is passed to new instances being created.   The string has more configuration and provisioning (you can install even more things on instance).   My question to you is:  Did you see any place where the user can specify the Cloud-Init string for the instance in KVM or Xen.    Cloud-Init is in Oracle VirtualBox already.

  13. xqq xqq

    A great video, Thanks!

  14. Samuel

    can someone give me a link to a good ubuntu server ? preferably vdmk….. although Ill take anything

  15. Sai Kumar

    can u please paste the url of your previous video which u r talking of

  16. Lance McGrew

    Great job with the video. Personally I like the extra detail you take time to explain even though for some it becomes distracting.  For those, I say just use the arrow key to fast forward.

  17. TheKetsa

    use htop instead of top

  18. gish85

    Sorry you have gone it to way too much detail in this tutorial. Anyone who is going to be installing a VM on KVM is going to know about tab completion 

  19. Kishan Kishan

    i like those tips on how to check cpu"s

  20. Kishan Kishan

    nice tutorial i like it, thank u

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