Jason from Easy Bake BBQ live in The Hot Seat!

Tonight we welcome Jason from Easy Bake BBQ to The Hot Seat!

Easy Bake BBQ:

Show Host CJ from Cooking with CJ:

See CJ when he was a guest on The Hot Seat:

Show Co-Host Kent from Daddy Dutch BBQ and Cooking:

Show moderator Kris from Hobo Nichol BBQ:

Show moderator Jay from LeprakonTV:

Show moderator Scott from In For the Grill:

Show Moderator Kirby from Kirby’s FishNGrill:

Show Moderator Red from Red’s BBQ and Pizzeria:

9 Responses to Jason from Easy Bake BBQ live in The Hot Seat!

  1. Lasse's Food and Barbecue

    Excellent as always!

  2. Baby Back Maniac

    Honored to be one of the channels you watch, Jason.

    Thank you, CJ. Dad was one of my best friends as well. He was a great guy. I appreciate you taking the time to mention him.

  3. Roundhouse Ranch BBQ

    My reception was crap last night, so I'm watching the replay

  4. The Gallery Backyard BBQ

    Missed this again but love watching the repetes at 4 AM……


    Ohh I missed your live😯 hope to catch you next live.

  6. Nigel

    Sorry I missed the Hot seat with Jace, watched the re-run, brilliant as always.

  7. Two Family Homestead

    Sorry I missed the stream, had company but catching it now.. Thumb is up!

  8. NoSaltBP :: Living A Flavorful Life Removing Salt

    Hi CJ: I missed the livestream but I caught the replay of you and your panel. Full watch and view!

  9. Smokin Joe's Pit BBQ

    Great show once again CJ. Sorry I missed the live but I just watched the entire replay. Schedule me in for your hot seat my friend. 👍🏽

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