How to point Domain Name to Home Web Server – Ubuntu (2017)

How to point Domain Name to Home Web Server – Ubuntu (2017)

Command List –

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How to point Domain Name to Home Web Server – Ubuntu

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11 Responses to How to point Domain Name to Home Web Server – Ubuntu (2017)

  1. Muzzamil Ali

    Hi there is any need to insert DNS cause with the other hosting the domain connected by DNS so where we can insert this?

  2. Diy in the Ghetto

    Hello what if you want the dns hostname on a different server other then the server you are hosting your websites on?

  3. Pascal Nijhuis

    I followed your video and it works! But there is one problem. When i press a button on my website, the url text will be changed to my outside ip. 😛
    How can I solve that?

  4. Alvaro Javier

    How can i make this accesible to other hosts in the same network???

  5. Mano b

    thanks for the tutorial, very useful for my cloud server rented from

  6. undeadbobop

    The first part doesn't work making the rest not work. donmainname NOPE domainname NOPE NOPE

  7. abhi arora

    not working please help ………..
    all the command and at last same apache2 page run.. I am doing in kali linux

  8. Robinson Chera

    Did you updated also your nameservers on Godaddy or only DNS Records? Also, do you need to buy from somebody the domain name or you can own it?

  9. Marios Mackiewicz

    Whene i go to my domain load my rooter setup page, where is the problem?

  10. Marios Mackiewicz

    where is the link to port forwording video?

  11. Sam Insixiengmai

    This has been very helpful. I been trying forever trying to do this and your video helped me out. After countless videos I watched this was the most helpful. Thank you again!

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