How To Make a WordPress Website with GoDaddy – UPDATED!

Learn how to make a website with GoDaddy! In this video I show you how to register a domain name then create a business website on it using the same software as Tim Ferris, Zoella, and Katy Perry. This is the updated version of our 2017 GoDaddy website tutorial that helped over 1000 people get started and you can too.

Build a website for your friend or fam as a gift. Enjoy!

Demo Site:

60% Off Hosting Discount Link:


(Here’s everything you can learn here — Jump around!)

Introduction 00:00:00
Website Tour 00:00:45

Step 1: Register Domain
Begin 11:36
Domain Strategies 12:36
Costs 16:20
Complete Order 19:17

Why It’s Important to Keep Domain & Hosting Separate 22:49
What Your Site Looks Like with Only a Domain 26:37

Step 2: Get Hosting
Begin 27:37
Easy Hosting Order Form 30:24
Costs 31:08
Get a Discount 32:21
Complete Order 35:14

Connect Domain & Hosting 35:56 (Every new website must do this)

Step 3: Install WordPress
Begin (in your email) 39:06
Login to Customer Portal 39:15
Visit QuickInstall 40:08
Costs (JK it’s free)
Installation 41:03
Break Time 43:39

Web Design DIY (Without the Expensive Web Developer!)

Login to WordPress 44:05
Dashboard Tour 45:49
Learn Plugins 49:20
Install Free Website Theme 51:43
Add Demo Content 53:48
Cleanup Sidebar 56:03
Create Homepage and Blog 57:18
Create Blog Posts 1:00:04
Create Pages 1:14:48
Setup Slider 1:20:11
Add Menu 1:21:38
Setup Featured Content 1:24:38
Social Media Buttons 1:30:53
Facebook Like Box 1:34:00
Make a Logo 1:37:21
Write Beginner CSS 1:43:32
Get Icons 1:45:16
Remove Header Image 1:55:08
Add Map 1:58:01
Create Contact Form 1:59:00
Testimonials 2:02:46
Footer 2:13:01
Edit Footer Copyright 2:19:22
Make Website Faster 2:26:20
Setup Google Analytics 2:30:51
Congratulations! Freedom!!! 2:35:30

Why many users like to keep their domains and hosting separate:

There you have it folks! After you create a GoDaddy wordpress website feel free to browse the channel for more wordpress website tutorials to help you build a website, create a blog, monetize with ads, make money with online marketing, write guest posts, rank in Google, fix common issues, learn code, edit your homepage (we have a lot of videos) and generally really learn how to use WordPress to your advantage.

Cheers and Happy New Years Everyone!! Best option is stay in and make a business website with me lol but seriously I’ll be right here in this chair if Leroy doesn’t steal it.


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20 Responses to How To Make a WordPress Website with GoDaddy – UPDATED!

  1. Greg Narayan

    100s of people come to me each year with a cool new GoDaddy domain name and need to create a website on it. So I made this updated video to help you! It's exactly how I make a website at GoDaddy for clients, family, my cat, whoever whenever! …Enjoy!

  2. Emily Allan

    When I type in my website name a godaddy ad comes up. Followed all the steps up to 44:30. did i do something wrong?

  3. Aresales Aresales

    i cant find my web site please help greg

  4. Ashish Rathi

    Hi, thanks for nice video. Are there any completely free wordpress themes available?

  5. Steve Forcier

    Well I,m confused tittle says "How To Make a WordPress Website with GoDaddy ". Then goes to Hostgator??

  6. Chanda Hicks

    So, I'm guessing that you don't answer questions on these videos? Too many to keep up with? I left a comment below 6 days ago and have yet to get a reply.

  7. Chanda Hicks

    Hey Greg, I already have a domain name and used GoDaddy's website builder to build my site. I am having issues because I sell CBD Oil and have to attach a merchant that is considered high-risk. CBD is considered medical marijuana, which is still on the schedule 1 drug list federally (even though it is legal in my state). The GoCentral's website builder only offers square, stripe, and PayPal as a merchant, so to attach a third-party merchant of my choice, I have to build a site in word press. I called to have GoDaddy's design team help me with this and they want $3,000. OUCH! I think I can do this myself with your tutorials, but I am having a bit of an issue understanding Pan Ipsum for my blog page. Do you have a tutorial on how to use this app? Or any advice that might be helpful? By the way, my website is (which is my very first site and not doing very well).

  8. shpittam

    Hi Greg. Thanks for the video. Maybe I missed this part but I can’t figure out how to optimize my site for mobile devices. All the pages and posts seem to big on a phone. It looks great on a tablet or computer but needs resized for a phone. Thanks for any help.

  9. IMPart Media

    THANK YOU for posting a tutorial that was comprehensive and easy to follow! As an old school 'cut and paste' print designer I was not prepared when a local political campaign I'm working on suddenly found themselves without their web person. Adding 'creating a website' to my responsibilities were made much easier after finding your vid. A definite 'lifesaver'. Thanks again.

  10. David Brown

    Hi Geg, Would it possible to get the link for download images? Thanks

  11. Xueting Zhang

    Hi, Greg! Really like your video, it helps me a lot. But now i have a small question.
    i set up my website with hostgator in in April. It has been going well in these few months.
    But today when i tried to log in to the web that i created "" , it appears this link " " again and again even i tried few times, just could not log in.
    Could I ask how to deal with this situation and successfully log in, plz give me a hand.

  12. Kim Dailey

    Love your tutorials! They have helped so much. Very easy to understand and follow! Although, do you have one for adding a shopping cart? I am using Godaddy Word Press and Catch Base Theme, per your recommendation. Thanks, Kim

  13. Chuck B

    Your video was incredibly informative. I only watched an hour, but now I understand the basics with navigating WordPress. I'll flip back to it, once I get stuck and I know I will. LOL You people that make these videos are awesome.

  14. Zeb Plante

    super great tutorial. I watched it until the end. You helped me create my new site. Thanks

  15. Brady Russell

    Hey Greg. I wanted to say THANK YOU for publishing this. Used it start to finish to create an amazing site the past couple of days. The speed of the video was perfect. Thanks again. I had two questions I am hoping you can assist me with. Using the same Clean Business Catch Theme, is there a way to add a phone number to the menu bar area? Also, my custom logo seems to be manipulating how far the black space in the menu bar appears when I visit other pages on my site. I followed all the logo instructions in the video with sizing the width, but I am wondering if (for my page to look properly without any section/menu bar hang down overlaps on the pages – height) that this is a bit more advanced? Maybe some negative space has to be assigned? Any advice or tutorials you can lead me to? Greatly appreciative. You rock.

  16. Wilian Rubio

    Hello Greg. Thank you so much for taking the time to make this tutorial, you're the man! This video has helped me enormously with my own website. Keep up the good work!

  17. Jonattan Salcedo

    Hi Greg, I am trying to modify the background that has like a blury image of some flowers, can you tell how to accomplish that please? Thanks in advance and congrats for such a great tutorial.

  18. Blandine Tchanque

    Really helpful. I was able to create my first blog with this video. Thanks a bunch!

  19. BiBiN DaS

    nice, thank you so much for creating the video i have seen this 1 year before thanking you so much for the updated version.

  20. CoGoGlass

    Thank you so much for this tutorial. It has taken me a while to finish and I still have to go back and add pages and products but the framework for the site is at least established. I feel relieved!

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