Hostgator vs Siteground Top Web Hosting Comparison.

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We made this video to help you save your time. We went through lot of reviews and test first before creating this video which is about just a 1min long. Which will help you when deciding between Hostgator vs Siteground without spending ton of time reading reviews.

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6 Responses to Hostgator vs Siteground Top Web Hosting Comparison.

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  2. Bohemiart

    seems SiteGround has improved dramatically since 2014. This review needs updating.

  3. Alltech Industrial Services

    An excellent Hosting & Design service

  4. TimV

    I've used Hostgator for a few sites …and recently switched to SiteGround.

    There is NO COMPARISON. Siteground is a MUCH better hosting service.

  5. Alltech Industrial Services

    Hostgator Sucks !  It used to be good but support really went down hill once they sold the company – I moved and I am now in the process of moving all of my clients away from Hostgator as well – Find a U S BAsed Host that has U S Based Support – Liquid Web is a good one – they are located in Lansing, MI  and all support is U S Based

  6. Igor Babin

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