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My Hostgator India Review 2018 | Hostgator India the Fraud & Worst Web Hosting Company in India | Hostgator India WordPress Web Hosting on Hostgator Worpress India Reviews from a Customer Experience
I am so disappointed, I could never image that a Company Like Hostgator India can cheat customers & what horrible Customer Nightmare.
I had taken their Baby Hatchling Plan ( shared hosting ) and so much So much harassment by Hostgator India is Mind Numbing ! I uploaded a 2 page Word press Site on the server , I noticed that it keeps on going offline off and on ! I called Hostgator India Fist they took 2 days to tell me its a ” MOD SECURITY ” Issue .
I asked them to Disable the same ( after calling them repeatedly ) they said have done so , but the problem continued ,
They Refused to acknowledged it , Then i Kept on sending them screen shots of it . Finally they they accepted the problem.
For two more days they said they are rectifying it .
Finally they say its a problem with my Site .

My Site is a Word Press website – Only 2 Pages ! So does that mean a 2 Page Website can Close down HOSTGATORS Servers and cause them to Malfunction ??

I asked them for a Refund or Change my Site to another Server which they have Refused .
WOW What Customer Service .

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