Growtopia | HOST BIG QQ/CSN 25DL vs 25DL #17

Hey, short video, but big bets, ENJOY IT 🙂
All music from NoCopyrightSounds
This casino link you can find in Lithuanian facebook group!
If you want to play and get into my video, contact me or just comment.

9 Responses to Growtopia | HOST BIG QQ/CSN 25DL vs 25DL #17

  1. Vincentas Gruzdaitis

    Koks dabar linkas

  2. Liudmila Kasparavičienė

    Koks world name?

  3. suportter gt

    And what is the team name?

  4. suportter gt

    Bro what the link?

  5. Jcip Gt

    Name world?

  6. P1ZE GT

    mldc 😀  good video

  7. fakeLTU

    O gali wl10 aš ant tavo cs lose 24dl

  8. Zelexor

    Nice bro, can we be friends? xD im lonely xD

  9. Th3NojusLTU

    Karoli +REP Xdd

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