Gold Rush “The Dirt” ~ “Tony, You’re A DI*K” !!

Matt Rogers hosts The Dirt On Discovery channel and tells Tony “The Viking” Beets what he really thinks of his actions on the show.
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20 Responses to Gold Rush “The Dirt” ~ “Tony, You’re A DI*K” !!

  1. Drew Abbott

    I love Tony's new quote "if anything, I should charge more" Damn Right!! What's Parker going to do quit the show?

  2. Mike McDade

    Stick to the contact.
    Because parker makes more gold,he didn't have any when he started

  3. snailors

    They are mad jelly of tony. The future generations deserve to have Tony’s land. Anyone who works on his property should be grateful. Parker should mine big nugget mine and fuck off!!

  4. Rudolf Dierckx

    Tony and Minnie are Drents (region Drente in the Netherlands). When GOD visited Drenthe, the Drent said " fuck off from my land" !!

  5. Rick Fountain, Jr.

    Parker's an idiot.

  6. robert babb

    nothing wrong with asking he has maid tony lots of money

  7. Randy Kirby

    Parker is a whine bag

  8. Lez Charisma

    Parker is a typical millennial in his attitudes and expectations. Parker!! You signed a contract, it is in effect for 2 more years, according to Friday's episode, suck it up and quit whining or run along. You may be a big turd in your own mind but Tony Beets is a MAN

  9. Bertram Oredroc

    Tony is a big mouth DICK. He's on the program for one reason, to be a dick for much of the audience to dislike. Being a dick is apparently good for ratings.

  10. Brian Carter

    Sooner or later Rick hess will work for tony

  11. Planet Maple Leafs

    I hate your channel now

  12. Kristovis

    "I like you as a person…..but youre a dick"….thats like offering a handshake and then stabbing them in the gut. Cant stand fake people like that. Matt Rogers is a little snake eyed weasel. And fuck that little punk Parker. He needs someone like Tony to smack him around.

  13. Lyle Neep

    I agree with you. A contract is a contract. I like Parker the most, but that bugs me too


    I Love Tony , hold your ground Tony

  15. stingray427man

    Do you think anyone gave Tony a break when he started mining? Tony is actually helping Parker learn business. Parker should be paying Tony for all the years of advice.

  16. Daniel Auclair

    It's part of Gold Rush drama they scrip in as they go. It's a TV show, simple as that.

  17. allison chang

    A deal is a deal. Stick to the agreement as the contract stipulates. If you don't like it. Move on.Tony may be an asshole but he is in the right.

  18. Gerald Fields

    TONY'S Land. Period. If Parker doesn't agree to the terms that Tony has then Parker needs to thank him for his time and get on down the road! .. Tony doesn't owe Parker a thing as far as I know. If anything Parker should be thankful for the opportunity Tony gave him! I just hate how Tony is made out to be the bad guy. Smartass yes but thats Tony and thats why I'm one of his biggest fans on the show! Go team Tony!

  19. Bruce Miller

    Contract is a contract I'm with you stop whining. That's all gold Tony could mine some day his self and make more money

  20. Fred Zirzow Sr.

    Everyone notice that there was never any mention of Paradise Hill.

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