funny dog enjoying water fountain will make your day

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I tested an outdoor dog water fountain with my funny dog and it was AMAZING! Watching my boxer Flip try and figure this thing out and reacting to the water will make your HOT day much better! Whether you have a husky, golden retriever or chihuahua they will love something like this on a hot summer day. If you are asking yourself what is a dog water fountain watch this best dog summer video I have ever made. When your dog learns how to step on a dog water fountain it will make you smile! It is really cute to see them figure out how it works. I ordered this a couple of weeks ago in our last heat wave and think you all would love this. I even saw a viral video on trending yesterday from the Crazy Russian Hacker ( Lol it was really funny ) I think more people should know about ways to keep your dog cool in the heat and this one should be at the top.

Check out this dog water fountain!:

Rocky Kanaka is an Emmy nominated host and creator of The CW’s SAVE our SHELTER in addition to pet dad to multiple rescue dogs. Rocky also has a passion cooking and baking for dogs and is the founder of

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20 Responses to funny dog enjoying water fountain will make your day

  1. Rocky Kanaka

    Are you going to try this with your dog? Would your dog love it or hate it?!

  2. denise martinez

    I am .And I love it

  3. Gunman Moh

    Thank you Rocky so much for looking after dog's .God will grant you heaven and heavens gate will always be open for you your a good person keep up the super work you do . Much respect and love from england u the man rocky

  4. Susan Utterback

    Too cute..too funny..great product! Going to try this for my dogs

  5. Luke Ashton Ford

    Brilliant he loved it!!!

  6. Kathryn Sink

    LOL! My dog hates water but it made me laugh to watch him enjoy it so much

  7. Aroha Gerrard

    Flip must think he has the best human ever!!!

  8. Innercircle Betting

    Very cool earns a sub from me, clever doggy

  9. tye l jackson

    Impressive Flip..

  10. extramile150

    lol—Pavlov would be proud of you!

  11. Shahriar Aghighi

    Did I see Blossom in this clip??

  12. ChaSquared

    By Jove, I think he's got it! Love the slo-mo!

  13. Sasha Portbury

    Its too cute

  14. Rachel Lynne

    Cute dog. What breed is he?

  15. smoochesTina

    This made me literally LOL

  16. Seewoo Y

    This doggo is so intelligent! The way he learned that trick is just woow!!

  17. Mary Regan

    Keep them intintertaned for awhile

  18. Donald Connally

    You guys are the CUTEST 😃😃😃❤️❤️❤️

  19. José Reyes

    My dog would love it and your dog is soooooooook cute and so adorable and when I get sad i start watching your vids it makes me proud of how hard you work for these poor dogs that hadn't then the beautiful world and how hard you work in always proud how hard you work for sure the dogs are also are proud of you 🙂🙂🐶🐶🐕🐩

  20. Eveline Martens

    You trying to talk when he was pressing that thing cracked me up🤣

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