Flywheel Hosting Review

In this video, I do a review of Flywheel Hosting and go through all of my favorite features.
First of all, here’s that link to a free demo account that I promised:

Once you click and go to the page, click on the “create a free site” button right by the take a tour button. It’s free and you don’t even have to enter your payment info.

Flywheel is a dedicated wordpress hosting platform with a lot of features that make it sooo much easier to manage your sites. I recently transferred all of my sites over (they offer free migrations).

The motivating factor for me to move over was security. Flywheel offers Sucuri monitoring with all of the sites you host with them. And, they do free malware removal. Most hosts I know of don’t offer this. If you pay for it separately, it gets really expensive if you host multiple sites.

Enjoy your free demo site. Pop me a comment if you have questions!

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  1. Robin Durham

    Hi Jason. Good video. I added the free version (dev) to my PC. When I built a site for a friend, the header is showing up on Every Page! is there a way to remove? Thanks.

  2. Christian Nelson


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