Fixxitt World Tour – Ep. 1: Port Breigh | Realm of Vasten

Today we’re touring the Realm of Vasten, one of the most incredible survival worlds I’ve ever seen in Minecraft. Folks, let me introduce you to Fixxitt!

Fixxitt’s Channel:
World Download:
Texture Pack:

What is the meaning of life? 42

2nd Channel:


Music by Clay Riness

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20 Responses to Fixxitt World Tour – Ep. 1: Port Breigh | Realm of Vasten

  1. Welsknight Gaming
  2. Trempeon

    fix is famous now

  3. Joshua E

    If only he could be added to kingdoms…
    two (and maybe fwhip too) people, an indefinite amount of time. oh the possibilities

  4. Cavalier OG minecraft player

    I especially love the quarry great video wels

  5. MotherBuilder

    Me too. Concrete stairs, slabs, fences. Also glass stairs and slabs. Imagine how much more finer detail could be added small scale with those. And hay bale stairs to make a thatched roof.

  6. Punk Purple

    Wow that’s so cool. I give this a 10/10

  7. Joey Newsum

    Dear god, I struggle making a basic house… the creative part of my brain doesn't bloody work, I can't do art, creative writing, building or anything like that…. this is incredible

  8. cornxx3

    That last one, the End shrine build is phenomenal. I only play survival and have built and helped build some awesome looking things, but in comparison to that. I'm 1000% trash. A buddy and I undertook a pretty big thing once and it took so long. We tried to remake the Parthenon and it came put really well. Then I see this. Wow! Granted our build was all Quartz for the most part so a lot of time was spent gathering but it still took us a solid 8 months to finish it. Really hoping that one day I am as good of a builder to make something like this and be super proud of the build.

  9. Ryan San Agustin

    I was gonna ask what’s the answer to life the universe and everything and then I checked the description

  10. Kevin Fries

    The name of BdoubleO100's Desert City is Essure.

  11. Dreymasmith Dreams

    This is absolutely incredible. Love the builds and the lore. And concept art for inspiration – second that big time, so true.

  12. Xalaxy

    Fixxitt is not a human

  13. GryphonBT

    Wow! Soo inspirational. I am at episode 8 of my world. I still have much to learn in Minecraft & youtube and editing, but this is truly super awesome, amazing and inspiring!

    Thank you Welsknight & Fixxitt! <3

  14. UnityPanda

    667th like, fuck you Satan

  15. moon kittylove166

    Love your video!!!!!

  16. Gregory Harris

    Wow what a well organized and executed world. I am SO not of this caliber, wish I was. I just don't seem to have this great an imagination. Thank you for the tour. Really enjoyed seeing this world.

  17. F O X Y G A C H A

    Look WelsKnight you probably won't see this but.. your the greatest youtuber ever and well I hope that you make another series with other YouTubers but with shaders and Many mods… see around next time..I hope you see this because your channel makes me happy I don't have many other things to do.. one your channel Wels..

  18. Abies alba

    the end themple is just beatiful

  19. Efficiency

    I couldn’t even build this in creative!

  20. Autronic


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