Fastcomet Review 2017 with Detail Web Hosting Plan {updated}

11 amazing features than only Fastcomet provide:
1) Free Premium support
2) Blazing fast SSD drives with huge storage
3) Free lifetime domain or domain transfer.
4)Free script, theme, plugin, template installation (Any number of times)
4) Free open source application support for WordPress, Joomla and others including eCommerce applications like Opencart, Woo commerce, Magento and others
5) Optimised servers
6) Hack free guarantee
7) Low and Affordable pricing
8) Same renewal pricing
9) Free SSL certificate (eCommerce plan)
10) Memcache optimised(eCommerce plan)
11) Free custom script installation

Premium Support:

The support takes less than 5 minutes to respond to a “low” priority ticket.
Fastcomet install CUSTOM SCRIPTS, themes, plugins, templates apart from just the one click installations that every other web hosting company provides.
Oh and by the way all the installations they do are for $0. Yes, completely free and that too for any number of times.
Now I assume you know how much it costs for a script installation service. Well if you don’t know it costs from $10-$100! And you get this amazing service for free for less than $2.95 per month from experienced professionals.
And their live chat support guys can solve the most issues without you logging into your dashboard. Not so salesy like the other web hosting companies.
And the support cannot be explained, can only be experienced.

SSD drives:

Faster than HDD drives provided by most other companies, Fastcomet guarantees huge storage space too, just $2.95 for 35gb SSD.

And while most other companies limit inodes(no of files on an account) to a maximum 50,000 -100,000, Fastcomet gives an amazing 4,50,000 inode limit which no other hosting company offers.


What do you do when you have two eCommerce websites and you need to install two SSL certificates?

Well, you will have the following options:
1) Two Cpanel ecommerce accounts 2×$15=$30
2) Reseller account=$20
3) VPS with an extra IP address= anywhere between $30-$60.

With Fastcomet its just $6.95. You hosting account will come with Free SNI which means you can install any number of SSL certificates on a single hosting account. And not to mention the free SSL certificate they offer for free.

Renewal price:

While most other companies charge 300-400% after your first year with them(which is obviously a marketing tatic to get you hooked with them), Fastcomet is completly transparent. You pay what you signed up for FOREVER. No marketing tactics and no sales pitching!

Oh, how much I hate my ex-web hosting companies(Yes, not just one bad experience, lotsss)

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