Farm Website FatCow Control Panel

This video walks you around the Control Panel for your farm website. I use FatCow web hosting myself, so I feel good about recommending it. Because they like me as well they let me offer a discount by clicking through my links:

For the full tutorial on how to get started with your farm website, as well as tons more farm marketing advice, visit me at:

3 Responses to Farm Website FatCow Control Panel

  1. Peter sunny

    I have bought my domain name in bigrock and hosting in fatcow… They say that we must transfer my domain is that compulsory… If not then how to host it

  2. JH Fairyfantasycom

    hi Thank you for your tutorial where can i have more info? i register myself but i have not idea how to use it

  3. thescripturepicture

    Hi John, thanks for your time to share your expertise. I'm building a new website and using fatcow so the information was really useful. 

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