‘ENOUGH with The LIES’: CNN Host BURN Trump.. Journalists ARE doing Their JOBS

Watch CNN’s Brian Stelter says that President Donald Trump’s lies are nothing new and journalists are doing their jobs by pointing out falsehoods.

20 Responses to ‘ENOUGH with The LIES’: CNN Host BURN Trump.. Journalists ARE doing Their JOBS

  1. Laurence Hirst

    And Bernstein is right! Trump is a con artist, and has been all his life! The truth is not in him, and never has been..And never will be!..He has conned a whole nation who believed the most obvious lies he told..Because they wanted too! He was promoted by your media in the best Hollywood 'Game show host' traditions! Americans seem to love this, and believe it's all real! Serious media people were not listened to or believed! So, you believed the 'showman'! To late!

  2. unbiased

    Trump only LIE when his heart is beating and he opens his pie hole!

  3. Omen

    Why is everyone so fearful of “Trump’s Base”? Trump’s base gave us Trump. Who cares what they think?

  4. Kenny Currie

    Just stop covering trump every minute of every day! He has no credibility, no agenda and is a thief. Report on the issues like some of things congress is doing to the working class! The debt we will pay for in years to come. EPA destroying air and water! trump does not deserve that much attention.

  5. Tango Bango

    And now our esteemed President is destroying the gains made with N. Korea because of his unquenchable thirst for praise. Sad.

  6. alexandre michael Martin

    In his mind he really does beleive he"s not lying cuz after a lifetime of lying you get to beleive your own lies he breeds chaos cuz that"s his tactics to deflect from the truth and the way he operates slamming the press,his opponents or anybody that goes after his credibility .That"s the making of a dictator.If Americans don"t wake up soon and get this joker out of there soon it will take you a lifetime to dig yourselves out of that hole he is putting you into.Come on people you are not that stupid wake the fuck up what more do you need to see.

  7. Grey Mouser

    He's just been operating a giant 'Money Wash'

  8. Nancy Mesek

    It’s pretty funny how now CNN is going after trump’s lies after Michelle Wolf’s slam against them for providing him a platform.

  9. Lloyd Myrie

    The press are only challenging now because Michelle Wolf called the Tump administration out….go girl

  10. Mithril Hunt

    No,No according to Cuckabee-Sanders the three goons breaking into Bornstiens office and removing patient records is completely normal, and if she says that it must be true ( jk ).

  11. OSKA

    GEORGE WASHINGTON:- I cannot tell a lie
    DONALD TRUMP:- I cannot tell the truth
    SARAH SANDERS:- I cannot tell the difference
    RUDY GIULIANI:- I cannot get the facts right
    KELLYANNE:- I cannot let you call TRUMP a liar

  12. Nancy Prevost

    And wtf is a diamond and silk? How in the hell is a couple like this important in the US? In a criminal investigation about a cheating president? Getting help from Russia?

  13. Nancy Prevost

    So much happier to see the truth from responding Americans. We are f*ck ed as a nation if we don't make trump and assholes caught for their crimes. It's easy and plain to see.

  14. Lady Bug

    At this point of what is happening in this White House and the Trump Republican Administrations with all the Lies' and (admitted lies at that' ) President from Foreign Countries Near & Far should Not Be Believing Anything From This President are his Administration' his Lawyers the People Voted for Him' ( knowing at this Point he's a Manipulative lying ConArtist ) and they still Cheering his Deceitful Immoral Un'Presidential Behaviors on.) Again at this Point No-one should Believe Nothing from this Fake President …. Donald Trump & Putin are in Cahoots together For World Power Between the Two of them. the Russians are Financing trump in every aspect. ( social media included ) and Some Americans want to Dismantle Americas Present Government' and Replace them with their own. Racist Groups' Alt-Rights klans etc: they want Americas present Democracy to Fail, so they can take control. That's their Loyalty to Trump a promise to what's ahead if Evil Constructed Plan works.

  15. jan vanroekel

    USA needs more journalists, investigators and prosecuters/judges….. just follow the money, don't talk too much about lies…. just discover the millions of crimes, and put Trump in jail. Trump said: They discovered 3000 of my lies….. haha…. and I am still the boss/president…. haha.

  16. Dee Jeff

    Journalist became empowered to call trump out after wolfs WHCD lol.

  17. Simon Lim

    Trump will never stop lying;America's crisis in Truth and Cover Up.How long can America go on and acting as if nothing happens.Does America cares?Where is Justice?

  18. Frank Winkhorst

    No crisis. Just the same old chronic lying.

  19. Steven Mcdowell

    One day on the news there was a man who has known Trump since they we're kids,I can't remember his name but I do remember what he said,he said that Trump has been lying since he was a little boy.

  20. al spencer

    It’s funny how the media doesn’t mention the most important things but it will sure as hell where out something that doesn’t even exist.

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