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How to buy a cheap Domain and Hosting from Bangladesh?

This is Md Faruk Khan’s SEO video tutorial on Best Off-Page SEO techniques 2018 for all SEO lovers. If you follow all the videos in my channel then you’ll get a sound knowledge on Search Engine Optimization techniques.

In this video tutorial I’ll tell you about those topics:
★ Domain
★ Hosting


In plain words, a domain name is just the name (URL) of your website. There are no second websites in the world can have a same domain name with same TLD extension like .com, .org, .info. generally, if you sign-up for web hosting clarifications, a web hosting firm will offer attractive hosting deals with free of charge domain registration as a part of the package too, but maybe it can vary according to the package with every host.

A domain name must not only be simple to remember, but also should be easy to type; just think of yourself if you are typing with your keyboard in a lengthy annoying URL like, or and it also have the chances of mistyping.


First I must say who is not a fan of the cheapest thing but obviously, not cheap in quality. Same things happen for web hosting as well. I would like to have an incredible deal of an invention for a price that won’t make me think twice.

Here we cover the cheapest domain hosting plans and services.

Are you looking for top web hosting provider in Bangladesh? Thinking of the cheapest domain hosting and browsing for a fastest web hosting provider? We are the best domain hosting provider for your personal website or business site in Bangladesh. We provide the finest packages in Bangladesh. You can see our pricing plan and compare with others. If you are planning to have a personal blog site, professional portfolio or business purpose you must try to avoid free domain hosting. Still, if you want to use free domain and hosting trust me, you won’t get a good result. We are recommended for a fastest WordPress site and many more sites.

You can find cheapest and best web hosting from us for your small business.


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14 Responses to Domain & Hosting Service in Bangladesh | Best Offer 2018

  1. ahmed sumon

    server speed koto % sir?

  2. Tarikul islam

    Sir ami nite cai… student der jnno price kisu kom rakhar system ase? r etar overall performance kemon?
    domain er full control ki die dea hbe?
    janabeb plz.

  3. zakir mondol

    এটি নেইম চিপ থেকে দিলে আছি । আপনার দেয়া রোজমেরী থিম কি weightloss & fitness ব্লগে বা নিউজ পোর্টালে ব্যবহার করা যাবে?

  4. Kajol Ahmed

    Price Ta Aktu Beshi.

  5. saidull ali

    Will this service include SSL security and whoisguard feature too.

  6. Arkan Tanu

    upload time / speed kemon ? ai bapare kichu bolben sir.

  7. Towhedul Islam

    Thank You Sir, You Are The Online Marketing Authority Of Bangladesh

  8. MW Rahman

    sir don't mind i think 2500 tk. is stander price…… plz don't mind.

  9. Mahabub Hasan

    thanks sir, আমি নিবো, confirm.

  10. FunnyMinorTv

    Namecheap a 1500tk khoroch hobena

  11. mah rasel

    Price কত ভাই বলেন


    amr khub issa online career gora but kicu upokoron collect korar ability nai but hal sarsi na


    sir apnar video gula helpful but kicu video te main jaygay record problem seo 10 number tutorial last upload korsen jeta ata play hoy na eroi 4 number tutorial ta koyek minutes record ase baki gula nai abr 6 number tay problem akdom begginer seo te but apnar tutorial download koresi segula bar bar dekhi analysis kori na but apnar class korar khub issa

  14. Torik Ahmed

    This one is awesome

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