DO THIS TRICK ! Before uploading to Spotify, iTunes or Soundcloud –

Streaky tells how he delivers tracks so they sound amazing on all streaming services. – Soundcloud, Spotify, Tidal & Apple iTunes.

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20 Responses to DO THIS TRICK ! Before uploading to Spotify, iTunes or Soundcloud –

  1. Goran Simonoski

    LOL. I see hours and hours of podcasts BS talk on this topic, when everything can be explained 2 minutes.

  2. TheMrValerius

    What about YouTube and Instagram? There are rumors that they raise volume up 2dB.
    What do you think about it?

  3. Lennart Rauhe

    So do the Streaming services normalise it after the conversion? Or does it still have that headroom when played back wich would be useless i guess..
    I like your channel by the way, keep up the good work!

  4. Rolanoid

    I normally export from Ableton at 48k 24bit so should I rather just export at 44k rather than downsample after?

  5. Kicking Saturday

    I did that in the 90's at 44k 16bit CDR and and it was a demo with easy wavelab
    24k if you older good luck ears we are human look up the human ear -one if you don't slam it we call it war because of China Communist Party motherboards controls your sound with intel guess what it is not 64bit understanding what computer is 32bit copper Gold Dust metal plates it is a bad contact vs Solid Silver contact we miss Doug Sax remember 32bit floating point
    It is red book CDR 16bit software is encoder digital audio has missing sound and Lies sorry this is not English it just superior notes because real music is deadline because of China Communist Party take over.

  6. Kicking Saturday

    This is not English it just superior notes because i am not recording yes we own SSL AWS-Fairchild RCA Victor Tube and Sphere console i am not a Fake China Communist Party sound. I let the mastering Engineer deal with China Communist Party motherboards
    Wait a minute why should everybody record into a Computer why master before you record
    A Computer what is it Welcome to China Communist Party with Intel Cpu ? Why lie to Sound sorry it is a Fact
    Digital audio has missing sound Rupert Neve unless you go Public after you have been paid welcome to NSA and China Communist Party Public market ? Doug Sax you should not master before you record a computer has Gold Dust metal plates it should be Solid Silver contacts wire is wire we do miss Doug Sax so tell me why we can not buy a new stand alone recorder made for large-scale tracking consoles keep in mind Avid is not a recorder Apple Windows IBM
    Are also not made-up for Experience professional direct 48 channel with direct rackmount remote
    is it a crime to do this why must we support China Communist Party motherboards they do not pay recording tax media like ampex so no recorder no studio mixing sure Avid Dell DUM apple

  7. Shiva Media Studios

    Ks Digital A200 sounds very good, you can try them.

  8. Thiago Buslik

    hello Streaky, sorry for my ignorance … I did not understand where you loose 1DB … suppose I have a high master that hits around -6 in the LFUs; and that this is already 44.100 and 24bts … what do I do with this audio? Should I just lower 1db? or should it have 1 db of headroom counting from zero in the master fader? sorry … I just do not understand where I should download 1db.

  9. OneLoveRecordings

    I dropped my old distributor using 44.1 16, had my files re up'd using the 24 bit's you mastered with a 1db drop I added in rx 😉 thanks

  10. normand langlois

    Steaky …your the man ….great advice …thank you

  11. Jrscarratt

    So converting to 44.1 from 96 sounds better than uploading in 96 and letting them convert it?

  12. Amen Panesar

    Thanks for the tip bro

  13. Allen Aung

    I don't get it. Can you explain why and how?

  14. NickB33

    Short and sweet. Thanks for the quick fire insight Streaky

  15. Archie Beatz

    Great tip and straight to the point. Thanks for sharing Streaky!

  16. Lisa parker

    special 😻

  17. SoundWave Trax

    24-bit as a source is unlikely to do anything. Plus 1dB isn't even that big of a difference. Don't turn up your limiters too much in the first place.

  18. Zafar Ansari

    I read about this on a "Masterd for iTunes" document. Apparently it helps when you play thru hifi systems too. Gives a slight headroom for enhancement they add.

  19. Benjamin Duk

    Thanks for the tips. For instances where you are working for film at 48k, but you might want to use songs for an album, is it ok to upload 48k, 24bit, 1 or should you first convert to 44k before uploading?

  20. Miltersen

    So dropping it by 1 db – does that mean peak at -1.0 db?

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