Destination Linux EP82 – A Three Dimensional Journey

Welcome to Episode 82 of Destination Linux

On this episode of Destination Linux, as we are down 1 host, we’ve made quite a few changes to the show. We are still in the process of making these changes so please bear with us still but I think there is a lot of potential for the future. This week, we discussed the latest news such as Ubuntu 18.04’s First Point Release, The Return Of Korora, Firefox Delivering Out-Of-Process Extensions To Linux, Windows may soon be gone with Desktop as a Service Replacing it, and we’ll talk about some Linux Gaming topics like the cool Battle Royale game, Crazy Justice coming to Linux. We are also adding a brand new segment for Tips & Tricks as well as Software Spotlights. All that and much more!

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Topics covered in this episode:
Ubuntu First Point Release Is Out 18.04.1 LTS

Engineering Plasma: Extensions and stability — Present and future

Linux Kernel 4.18 Slated for Release on August 12th as Linus Torvalds Outs Last RC

The Return Of Korora 28

Firefox Delivering Out-Of-Process Extensions To Linux

Google Chrome Picture In Picture Mode

Canonical Announced That Opera and Chromium Are Now Available As A Snap

With DaaS Windows Coming, Say Goodbye To Your PC As You Know It

GPD Pocket 2 Crowdfunding is Live

Valve Will Release Artifact for Linux On Nov 28th

Crazy Justice Steam Page Is Up

Tip: Easy Window Resizing (in most desktop environments)
Press & Hold the “Alt” key, then Right-Click near the edge of a window, drag the mouse until you reach the desired size.

Software Spotlight:Guvcview


DL Community Email:


I just wanted to throw you a quick note about some really good news and great
uses on Linux. I am a Drafter / Designer by trade and have only been using
proprietary software on Windows to do 3D mechanical design work. I have
recently been using FreeCAD, which is a 3D Parametric solid modeler not too
different than the high cost, commercial offerings. It is feature rich and has
many modules for different engineering functions. This has been an exciting
discovery and journey for me. I have only begun scratching the surface of it
and the more I use it the more I like it. Some other noteworthy built in
modules include BIM (Building Information Modeler) for doing architectural
work and FEM (Finite Element Method) for doing some serious part or system
analysis. From a professional and personal standpoint, this is super exciting
to know that I am now free of the confinements of super expensive proprietary
software for hobby projects. These are cross platform tools not exclusive to
Linux but the point is, it is ON Linux and it works super well.

These are some exciting times!


20 Responses to Destination Linux EP82 – A Three Dimensional Journey


    Another great episode! 🙂

  2. Nichlas Rehnstam

    Ryan, you are wrong about the console market regarding last gen. Microsoft sold 77 311 699 units, Sony sold 77 313 472 units. It is true that the Xbox 360 was ahead for several years, but it was never as dominant as you made it out to be. Also dont forget that the market was different in different regions. In USA the Xbox 360 was the most popular choice while in Europe and Japan Playstation was bigger.

    It is also wrong that Microsoft said "only digital sales" for the Xbox One. They always had physical media but when you inserted the disk that disk was connected to your Microsoft account, blocking you from selling it used.

  3. Tim Jones

    Awesome Tip Zeb! I have always struggled to resize windows… How did I not know this…?

  4. George James

    Please make kdialog work with Firefox then i will use it. Better plasma integration please

  5. drunkredninja

    why does every linux youtuber get so salty and bitter when anything windows is mentioned? what happened to just giving me the information and keeping out the opinions. you guys are like the SJWs of the OS world, crazy ideologues.

  6. clivejo
  7. Jim Michaels

    Have been watching since day one and you guys are doing are keeping the reputation up.

  8. Johan B.

    Didn't miss Rocco at all, no just kidiing;) Great show as always and like the new section.

  9. John M

    Great show like the new format………..

  10. Richard Monroe

    Good first show guys. Looking forward to future shows. A nice mix of personalities and expertise!

  11. PCTLC

    Great show guys!! Rocco made some very wise choices for crew members of DL to move it forward! loving the new format and although I'm not a gamer or a huge fan of the gaming section, the banter was always reliable for

  12. stevesveryown

    Zeb gotta haircut!!! Hey there, handsome man….. lol

  13. Dave Schenck

    you guys should consider getting Wendy to join the show. It'd be nice to show that Linux isn't just a boys only club.

  14. Karl Schneider

    The entire show was off by one pixel! Unacceptable! I'm kidding of course. Great show guys.

  15. BigDaddyLinux

    Who is this Rocco guy anyway. Destination Linux is way too big to miss one person and you guys did great job on the first one and I wish you all the best with every new episode. PZ, Welcome back to team green!!!!

  16. Greg Zeng

    Guv see view. Spelling? Near end of the show?

  17. runwiththedolphin

    DL 3.0 is off to a great start.

  18. Tony Simons

    For your first one, great show guys, Rocco has certainly left DL in very good hands. Look forward to future episodes. Thank you Ryan, Michael and Zeb. To quote EB much love to you all. 🙂

  19. vskye1

    Good show guys, thanks!

  20. Captain ClamHammer

    The only people that will migrate to Linux if DaaS happens is more computer nerds. Which is great. The ordinary person doesn't even know what Linux is. They will go to Chromebooks and Macs. The non power users will keep using their phones. I think we loose sight that the traditional desktop is dead to most people. Except for gamers, corporations, and tech enthusiasts. The mass population doesn't even know what a hard drive is. Anytime I talk computers around anyone I know. Their eyes glaze over. The Windows Insiders push a lot of MS decisions about Windows. If they do this the Insiders and Gamers will shut it down quickly. Thanks for saying this is a rumor. This DaaS thing has got way out of hand with FUD. Great Show.

    Zeb. I get extreme motion sickness from first person games. I just cant play them. Third person doesn't bother me.

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