Current Events LiveStream -Monday, November 12, 2018, Dr. Jerome Corsi Hosting

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Dr. Corsi Investigates: Why the Democratic Party Has Gone Communist

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20 Responses to Current Events LiveStream -Monday, November 12, 2018, Dr. Jerome Corsi Hosting

  1. HeyYouGuys!

    They did the same thing to Dinesh D’Souza who got a pardon from prison by Trump.

  2. Tracey Bonner

    Don't worry Trump is going to pardon everyone Mueller indicts when the witch hunt is over.

  3. Angel Soul

    Mueller has to put everyone away that knows about HIS crimes. Hopefully, you will have opportunities to expose Mueller's crimes during grand jury testimony.

  4. Trump 2016 our last chance

    The Trumpster's failure to release the FISA docs before the election has contributed to this kind of criminal intimidation. In the meantime, we are supposed to feel sorry for Jim Acosta?????

  5. Peter Aliferis

    clinton-soros-kabal working overtime to give back control of America to the deepstate and criminal democrats! Disgusting what Mueller is doing! Instead of chasing our President, they should be taking into custody and indicting, all those voter-election fraudsters that miraculously found enough votes post-election to overturn 7 election-day Republican wins, and ZERO democrat wins reversed??? WTF! God bless Trump!

  6. Victoria Parker

    You should have just plead the fifth! Give them some of their own medicine.

  7. Victoria Parker

    I'm praying for you, sir. This is so cruel and unfair. These people need to be stopped.

  8. Airwaycherry

    Don’t worry Dr Corsi you are in our prayers
    and we are charging down the track!

    We Patriots cannot be defeated, no sir, we’ve got your back!

    We are free men and women, Americans lead by Donald Trump, the Liberal treasonous Deep State not even a bump!

    Trump Train is roaring down the track, don’t worry Mr and Mrs, we Patriots have your back!

    This Storm is here, we’re not afraid free men and women ready for war, we have no fear, God is with us!

    We are just around the corner, screaming through the pass, our bayonets darned and on target, ready to deem some Liberal ass

  9. jay blair


  10. shur7318

    If you trust Jesus he will give you the words to say to them trust Jesus

  11. Unise Mendez

    I thought Trump was going to fire Mueller! Why is he ALLOWING that CROOK to stay???!!

  12. Unise Mendez


  13. shur7318

    Put they are putting in communists in gov positions right now it must be stopped there is no more choices or kicking this down the road for the next election that may never come again we are on the edge of the abyss do not fall or give up the fight

  14. shur7318

    Put your trust in Jesus ! Jesus is with you believe that more then anything in this world ! Sacrifices voluntary or involuntary tries the soul and produces much fruit and exercises virtue god has chosen you for this mission ! Gods blessings are upon you ! Do not be afraid Jesus says that 365 times in the Bible god is still in control nothing is done without gods consent remember that

  15. shur7318

    Do not despair god will give you sufficient graces to endure gods light is upon you !

  16. shur7318

    I agree the democrats didn’t win anything they don’t have a constituency anymore they have resorted to cheating and stealing and manufacturing ballots I think we had a huge red sunnami ! It’s more obvious today by observing the democrats actions

  17. shur7318

    Trump will grant you clemency no matter what they do remember that !

  18. Greenbean950

    NEVEAR cooperate with the police. Stay silent and behind your constitutional right to silence. Nothing you say or write will help you.

  19. Bill Otinger

    Video Don't Talk to The Police by a Law Professor = , They will TRICK YOU They will get on the STAND and SWEAR LIES

  20. Bill Otinger

    Also start a GOFUNDME account to raise money

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