Couchsurfing safety – How to find the perfect host!

With these tricks you´ll know how to find the perfect couchsurfing host for you guys.
The tips include:
– Fill out your profile
– Use the filter options on
– Read read read profiles
AND: Write a nice message!

Also check couchsurfing´s youtube profile:

18 Responses to Couchsurfing safety – How to find the perfect host!

  1. Michael Matthewd

    With all these requirements what is your sucess on it. I have been doing cs for a while and i noticed even for woman with too many requirements for your host it is much harder to find one

  2. Pankaj Gadilohar

    Your video very useful. Thank you

  3. koussay nashashibi

    this is a shit programe …im Palestinen arab Muslim and I travelled a lot of places in world and I speak 8 languges and always Europeans see my pictures and my abilities.. they complain about me to couchsurring bcz they hate arabs and Muslims and they want us barbarian and undeveloped mother fuckers Europeans

  4. S from Seyf
  5. Rini Hilmayanti

    Never copy paste ur Message!!! Big no no for me,, specialy when they request to stay at my home, and they call me with wrong name… Hahahha

  6. Meran Kankani archchige

    how to take references if i new gay ,that is my problem ?????

  7. perfect soul Weird

    hi there i still dont know how to use couchsurfing please i need advice thanks

  8. Izzuddin Pauzi

    Thank you so much for the tips!

  9. rickognition

    Hey Traveleska! Thanks for the tips. I am travelling to europe in a few weeks but I'm a total newbie to Couchsurfing 
    1. Should I attach my facebook profile in my message?
    2. What else should a person with one/two references do to get a good host?

  10. Florida Florida

    but tel aviv in palestine !!!!!

  11. Linda Lorena

    Do you have Facebook traveleska??

  12. Rebizi Mostefa

    all the world you're welcome to my country

  13. Adrianna Navarrete Berrezueta

    So far I seem to find just the creepy ones! Hope that changes (:

  14. ThomasGuilmin

    Hello, very nice and usefull !! Merci ! 🙂 I will share for continu to teach people about this ! 🙂
    See you one day with CS during my long world tour than i have start since 3 years already.
    Here my CS profile for stay in touch in case or we will be in same area somewhere in the world in the same time 🙂 All the best, Thomas GUILMIN (FRANCE)…..

  15. Walter Giangreco

    Well done! 

  16. Klaus Freude Hoeser

    was that helpful? yes, very much, thx a lot!

  17. Belal Kamal

    nice one girl 🙂
    where is your CS profile ?

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