Cloud Storage for Business? Zoolz™ Tribrid Backup Cloud Storage for Business

Why ZOOLZ? Because ZOOLZ is still #1 business cloud storage on top10reviews.

Zoolz takes a unique approach to the safe-keeping of your data with a concept called cold storage. Plans are structured to keep some of your data immediately accessible and some cold.

The cold files are kept in inactive storage and require three to five hours before you can access them; when you request files in cold storage, Zoolz retrieves them and sends you an email when they are ready to use.

A short wait for rarely used files is the trade-off for the lower costs of this storage. The cold storage costs less than half what it costs to store oft-accessed files, and you get to decide how much of your data you want in cold and how much in instant storage.

Any files you may need to share or use in a hurry would be better in instant storage, but most companies have plenty of data that could be stored in cheaper cold storage, especially files that you just keep for auditing and archiving.

Thumbnails are available for cold storage photo files so you know what you are requesting when you need to pull something out of cold storage.

Zoolz plans cover any amount of data you may have. Unlimited plans are available. You get to configure your plan for the amount of users and storage you need to suit your company.

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  1. francis mare

    I use zoolz business 7 mths and highly recommend.

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