Choosing the Right Property To Host On Airbnb Video 1

The first thing to consider when hosting on Airbnb is location. The wrong location will cost you money. Here are a few tips and considerations to follow when prospecting for locations to host.

future videos will include legal considerations and setup.

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20 Responses to Choosing the Right Property To Host On Airbnb Video 1

  1. adonis prime

    Love ur channel… do have a question, how are u the only one able to host at that building?

  2. Avaixus

    Why couldn't that guy host AirBnb in properties he rented/owned & how were you able to position yourself to be the only one who can use AirBnb in the building?

  3. Lost philosophy

    Do you coach?

  4. Cody Moore

    have you made the second video for this one yet?

  5. Randy at Random

    I have watched a few of your videos over the last few hours, then I liked and subscribed to your channel. Do you have a course that would help a total newbie to get started in Airbnb as a business?

  6. Kathi Myers

    I love your channel…I'm new and am grateful for the tips you share! Thank you!

  7. Hyman Wong

    Hi Sean. Thanks for the videos. I m interested to host airbnb and I m deciding where to host. Which cities are legal for aibnb hosting? Thanks.

  8. Max's Cognac Review

    Scrolling through these comments encourages me to find another business to dive into. I've been hosting for 4 years and I am finally seeing saturation kill my bottom line. Everybody and their uncle is "hosting" now. Great videos though ; )

  9. Angel Page

    Sean, love your stuff. Can you tell me how you approach the leasing office? Do you tell them you want to use it for Airbnb? Do you rent under your company name? Do you personal guarantee the rent? Do you negotiate to be the only company that can rent for RE-rental with them? What does the lease terms look like? How often do you get negative response on a property you want to use? Sorry that’s a lot but I’ll take all the advice I can get. I’ll keep watching. Thanks!!

  10. Keansway Fitness

    Thanks for sharing. I am slowly growing my business and this information helps greatly!

  11. Tim Joggerst

    Hey Sean! Thank's for your great videos! Can you tell me more about how you analyze a market in terms of demand and supply, arbitrage etc.? I am in Germany, where – as far as I have read – tools like mashvisor don't have any data availabe. Thanks! Tim

  12. Sean Fuller

    Hi Sean, would like to hear more about how you pick you properties and do you site like Airbna to better qualify your assumption of these location. Look forward to your response

  13. sylvia nelms

    Some great information provided Sean – do you run a course on how to set up Airbnb with other peoples properties? The steps to securing properties to lease as well as furniture required through to the listing on Airbnb?

  14. Mike Nisan

    Thank you so much for the information I am looking to start airbnb super hosting as an entrepreneur

  15. Michael Zerivitz DDS

    Well done and informative video! Can you address the process of a hosting start-up with a partner who will gain equity as the business grows. That is, if I am unable to invest the time in the start-up, how to structure the business responsibilities with a young go-getter to start and grow the business. Thank you!

  16. Joel Gierbolini

    New to your channel and love your videos. Quick question:

    I am about to buy a duplex in Orlando about 10 minutes away from the parks and downtown area. I was planning on renting one unit and Airbnb the other unit. What do you think? Any advice? (I know your against owning but I'm a own this one lol)

  17. Paweł Gorecki

    Hey Sean, nice video. How do You measure the supply and demand in a set city?

  18. Fadia Rassi

    Do you rent condos or apartments? condos usually have rental restrictions and apartment leases prohibit you from subleasing, so how do you get around that? I am curious Thx

  19. Carlyle Small

    Great videos Sean! You mentioned sharing more about how to operate AirBnB legally as a lease where landlords and property managers could not retaliate. Can you point me to this info? I'ts my primary concern as I make the transition from owning rental properties to operating AirBnB.

  20. pkseller

    Hi Sean, Have you made a second video for this set?

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